Download macOS Big Sur ISO For VMware & VirtualBox

On WWDC Apple Inc has released the newest and greatest operating system for Mac computers by the name of macOS Big Sur. It is the trending operating system nowadays. Most of the Apple users say that it is one of the most powerful operating systems of Mac till now. macOS Big Sur has too many handy features that can fulfill the needs of the users. On 22nd June, Apple Inc has highlighted all the features and updates of macOS Big Sur. However, macOS Big Sur works completely fine on Mac computers and its performance is also stable. If you have installed macOS Big Sur on your Mac then you can update it to the latest version and use its more features. It is pretty advanced more than other operating systems of Mac, also it is available for you to try on your computer.

Apple Inc has launched many things on WWDC 2020 such as iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, Airpods, and many more amazing things. All of them has bunch of handy features and new improvements. This time iOS 14 is totally changed because each and everything is updated and new. In macOS Big Sur, some application is like iOS 14 due to that people are saying that it is inspired by the iOS 14. Currently, all of them are in beta version so that Apple gets feedback about its errors, issues, and bugs. You can install its beta version but it contains many bugs, it is better to wait for the final versions of them.

However, macOS Big Sur can easily be installed on virtualization software without any issue. It is the great when you want to install any operating system which is a beta version. Because you can rectify its bugs and error and feedback to Apple. We have many virtualization software on the market such as VMware and VirtualBox. It gives the complete ability to the users in order to install and try macOS Big Sur. Once you get installed it then you can do whatever you want with macOS Big Sur. You can also try its features and improvements with a full user-interface. Nowadays, most of the users install new operating system on a virtual machine because it works the same as the actual Mac. Everybody can’t do it because it needs some tricks and the process is very lengthy.

If you want to install it on Mac then don’t forget to check out the supported Mac. All Macs can’t support macOS Big Sur. It is a very powerful operating system, Apple has highlighted some Mac that supports macOS Big Sur.

  1. MacBook: Early 2015 or newer
  2. Mid 2013 or newer MacBook Air
  3. MacBook Pro: Late 2013 or newer
  4. Mac Mini: Late 2014 or newer
  5. iMac: Mid 2014 or newer
  6. iMac Pro
  7. Mac Pro: Late 2013 or newer

Download macOS Big Sur ISO For VMware & VirtualBox

Well, the macOS Big Sur from the App store is totally different from the other installer such as macOS Big Sur VMDK and macOS Big Sur ISO file. There is a big difference between them. When you download macOS Big Sur from the App Store then it is especially for the Mac which is Hackintosh versions. We have made macOS Big Sur ISO file which is particularly for the VMware & VirtualBox.Once you have macOS Big Sur ISO file with yourself then you are ready and install macOS Big Sur on virtual machines on Windows PC.

These ISO files will work perfectly on VMware and VirtualBox. We have uploaded the macOS Big Sur ISO file on the Mediafire network in order to prevent viruses and malware. So, you can download it from the following down below.


If you want to make sure your own macOS Big Sur ISO file then we have a complete and step by step guide on it. If you create for yourself then probably it won’t have any problem. Creating a macOS Big Sur ISO file is super easy and simple. So, check it out:

Install macOS Big Sur on VMware on Windows

If you have downloaded macOS Big Sur ISO file then you are completely ready to install macOS Big Sur on VMware on Windows. Click on the link down below and have a complete guide.

How to Install macOS Big Sur on VMware on Windows PC

Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows

You can also use the macOS Big Sur ISO file to install it on VirtualBox on Windows. Check out the link down below. Download macOS Big Sur ISO For VMware & VirtualBox

How to Install macOS Big Sur on Virtualbox on Windows PC


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