5 Ways to Set an Alarm on Mac (macOS Ventura)

In the past, people were setting an alarm on their clocks or watches to wake them from sleep. But these days in a world of technology everything is being done by any gadgets or operating systems. Nowadays, everyone is setting alarms on their devices to remember themselves about their work, which is a perfect choice. Or the best and most common way which people set an alarm is to wake up you on time. In this article, you will be guided on 5 Ways to Set an Alarm on Mac (macOS Ventura).

As we all know that we set an alarm on iPhones and Androids and if I say we can also set an alarm on Mac. Does it seem weird? It may look weird to someone but it may prove helpful to you. Suppose you watching a movie on your Mac and you want to go somewhere on time. Unexpectedly you have completely forgotten that you are going somewhere and you do not arrive on time. So, when you set an alarm then it will inform you of the time which set that alarm. If you want to set an alarm on your Mac then you need to read this article.

Method 1: Set an Alarm With Apple Calendar

Step 1. First of all, you have to open the calendar there are many kinds of ways you can open the Calendar simply hold and press on the Command + Space bar which will launch the spotlight, and then search for it.

Step 2. Now, when you launched Calendar on your Mac then click on the Plus icon at the top left side. Then enter a name for the alarm after that you should select a time for the alarm like 4:40 Monday and then hit the Return key. Finally, you will see that the Calendar has created that event. Here for the popup simply select Alerts and click on any of the options.

Step 3. It may happen that you want to set an alarm for the coming date simply double-click on that Date and then select the time for that event.

Step 4. Whether you want to delete that alarm for an event then right-click on that date after that select Delete.

Method 2: Set an Alarm Via Kuku Klok

It is the online website that will work the same Calendar alarm. It will provide you with interesting and amazing sounds while you set a time are alarmed. So, before we start this method make sure your Mac should be connected to the internet. Follow the instructions below to set an alarm from a website.

Step 1. Go to from any browser.

Step 2. Now, you will get plus and minus buttons on both sides Hours and Minutes. Simply click on Plus to select the timer.

Step 3. Next, once you have set the time then select a sound for the alarm.

Step 4. When you have done, tap on the Set Alarm.

Note: One thing you have to remember when you set an alarm is that don’t close the browser otherwise the alarm will not work.

Method 3: Use Reminders App to Set an Alarm

Step 1. Launch the Reminders app on your Mac.

Step 2. Once the app got launched tap on the Plus icon on the top right corner side.

Step 3. Then name the event and then click on the button then check the box of On a Day.

Step 4. Select the date and time for your alarm and event after that select Done.

Set an Alarm on Mac

Method 4: Set an Alarm With the Siri

As we all know that Siri is a voice assistant which it does your work. Siri is mostly used on iPhone devices and it is also available for Mac. Now, when you want to set an alarm on your Mac simply say Hey Siri, set an alarm then say the day and time for the alarm.

Set an Alarm on Mac

Method 5: Set an Alarm Using Third-Party App

There are many third-party apps that will function to set an alarm. But I found an appropriate third-party app that will help you to set an alarm. The name of the app is Sleep Alarm Clock and download it on your Mac. Once you download the app then follow the steps to set an alarm.

Step 1. Open the app on your Mac then look at the right side you see the section of Alarm time and select the timer.

Step 2. When you set the alarm then find and select a sound that you want.

Step 3. At last, if you want to prevent the alarm after that click on Dot on the left bottom corner side.

Set an Alarm on Mac

Final Words

It was all about 5 Ways to Set an Alarm on Mac (macOS Ventura). Setting an alarm for the event may help you to reach your destination on time, rather than being late. There is a few percent of people who are setting alarms on their clock. I am sure that this article helped you to set an alarm on your Mac with easy methods. I have shared with you 5 easy methods and if you know any other methods except the above methods. Then feel free to share with us in the comment section.

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