How to Factory Reset a Mac | macOS Catalina and Mojave 2020

In this article, you will learn How to Factory Reset a Mac | macOS Catalina and Mojave 2020. Factory reset is a great way to delete virus from the Mac. However, Mac is generally reliable but most of the time things go totally wrong. In this case, we shouldn’t spend much money on a new Mac. There will be some problems or issues which you won’t be able to fix, then a factory reset will be the best option to go for. Due to some reasons, you might want to sell your Mac without the tension of personal data. Therefore, it is better to learn how to reset a mac.

Deleting or erasing all the contents of files is the perfect way in order to secure them. Therefore, once you have a factory reset your Mac then just sit back, get relax then everything will be deleted from your Mac. It will look like you have bought it newly. A new macOS version will be installed on your Mac after factory resetting which will boost up the performance of your Mac. Because if you are facing lag during working on your Mac then I recommend you to factory reset your Mac so that you should work on it without facing such problems.

Therefore, the procedure or method which I a going to guide will work on all Mac and all versions of Mac such as Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, and other Mac computer. If macOS Catalina or Mojave operating systems are installed on your Mac then it will work perfectly for you. I will all the pro tips which are needed during the factory reset.

Things to do before resetting your Mac

It is time to know How to Reset a Mac in a proper and better way. But before resetting your Mac, you need to know something more about that. However, it is not like this that you should directly reset your Mac which will not solve the issue. You shouldn’t lose your personal data in any case, there is much work to do before going o reset your Mac. Therefore, you have to follow each and every step below which is a complete guide for resetting a Mac.

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How to Reset a Mac to a Factory Settings

1. Backup your Data

Before going through the guide, you have to keep in mind that the factory reset will remove and erase all the data of the partition. The recovering is also hard to take back the erased data. Therefore, you have to back the data on your Mac so that you should access once your Mac is refreshed. If you want to backup your data then I strongly recommend you to backup in external drive if you have it. However, if you don’t have an external drive with yourself then make sure to back up with your iCloud. When you factory reset then iCloud will let and allow you to transfer them back on your Mac.

2. Sign out the iMessage, iCloud, and iTunes

When you have successfully backup your Mac. Now you have logged out all the accounts which are in your Mac. Therefore, make sure to log out the iMessage, iCloud, and iTunes which is an important task for resetting a Mac. Furthermore, you should also deauthorize the third-party software which is login such as Photoshop.

3. Connect to the Internet

Before entering the recovery mode, first of all you have to connect to the network which is very necessary for this task. However, the internet connection will be needed to reinstall the operating system on your Mac. Head over to below and get the process of connecting a Mac to Wi-Fi.

  • Click on the wifi icon in the menu bar. If Wi-Fi is off, then click on the Turn Wi-Fi on.
  • Choose a network.
  • Enter the password, then click Join.┬áIf you don’t know the password to the Wi-Fi network, contact the network administrator.

4. Enter Recovery Mode of your Mac

If you want to factory reset your Mac, then you enter the recovery mode fo your Mac. During the boot process press the “Command and R” key combination. You will see macOS Utilities, this is the recovery mode of your Mac.

Disk Utilities

In the macOS Utilities, there you will see four options such as Restore From Time Machine Backup, Reinstall macOS, Get Help Online, and Disk Utilities. Therefore, you have to select the Disk Utilities because we will use it from erasing and moving the partition’s data.

5. Erase your Hard Drive

After that, you need to go to Disk Utilities, make sure to select disc drive. In macOS Catalina which is the new operating system of Ma company, there are two parts at a time, Mackintosh and Mackintosh – Data. Therefore, you have to delete these two disc drives. Select the drive, enter any name for the drive, select the disc drive format APFS, and click on the Erase button in order to delete it.

Erase the Hard Drive

6. Reinstall macOS Catalina

When you erase the hard drive on your Mac. Now it is time to close or exit the disk utilities and open the macOS utilities screen again. Then, you have to select the second option which is Reinstall macOS. After that, select the drive which you have formatted to install the operating system. The installation will completely make a new macOS like factory reset. You need to reactivate then all accounts by signing with your iCloud.

Reinstall macOS

Final Words

That’s all about How to Factory Reset a Mac | macOS Catalina and Mojave 2020. The process of factory resetting a Mac is one of the easiest tasks ever. Therefore, I hope you have gotten something from this article. If got any problem or question while the factory resetting process then don’t hesitate to leave comments in the comment section below.


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