Download macOS Catalina VMware and Virtualbox Image

Download macOS Catalina VMware and Virtualbox Image. As you all know about macOS Mojave but Apple company recently released new major updates to its mac which is the operating system. It has released with outstanding functionalities and new features which will be really helpful to mac user. So, we have used many operating systems of mac like macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra. But now it released 16th major of apple. So, it is time to use and test its latest version with lots of amazing new update. In macOS Catalina, they have brought many changes which you will enjoy to use like using iPad as a second screen display, new kinds of music, you can control each and everything in macOS Catalina with the voice control of macOS Catalina.

Download macOS Catalina VMware and Virtualbox Image

If you like these features and functionalities of macOS Catalina. Then test it on a virtual machine like Virtualbox and VMware with its image file you can easily check and use it. If you are windows user then if you want to check and see the features so, you can easily do it with VMware and Virtualbox which is free of cost to install on it. And macOS Catalina name is taken from a mountain which is based in California, United States. Therefore, for installing macOS Catalina you need to install the required file which is very important for it.

Download macOS Catalina VMware and Virtualbox Image
Download macOS Catalina VMware and Virtualbox Image

However, Apple company is one of the trustable company in all over the world and macOS Catalina has high security. In this latest version, you will get a great and amazing new feature which are add by the apple company. Which is Siri shortcut, sidebar, screen time, apple watch, and external iPad display, and many more. If you don’t have any idea about what is virtual machine then have a look below to understand the thing that you need to know.


What is Virtual Machine:

There are lots of virtual machines on the market but as I know that VMware and Virtualbox is one of the famous virtual machines for using two operating systems just in a machine. You can complete your need with two operating systems one will your own operating system and second, you can use it throughout the virtual machine (VMware and Virtualbox). For that purpose, you will gain free experience with two operating systems.  And one will be your physical system. And others will be your virtual device which will work completely original like your physical system.

Download vmdk file of macOS Catalina for VMware and Virtualbox:


That’s all about Download macOS Catalina VMware and Virtualbox Image. Hopefully, you get the thing that you wanted from this article. Your great feedback will make our article better.


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