How to Change Safari Wallpaper in macOS Big Sur

In this article, I am going to show you on How to Change Safari Wallpaper in macOS Big Sur. You know that macOS Big Sur is the newest operating system of Mac. You can notice too many changes more than the older operating system. However, macOS Big Sur is the next major release of macOS, Apple Inc.’s operating system for Macintosh computers. They have released it on 22nd June 2020 with tons of incredible features and functionalities. In macOS Big Sur, you can find major improvements and customize features. The name of this operating system is a somewhat unique and new design of icons and many. You will be much satisfied using it because it is one of the most powerful operating systems for Hackintosh computer till now.

Apple has briefly talked about the improvements, features, functionalities, and much more which is introduced in macOS Big Sur. Therefore, the main updates and improvements are introduced in the Safari web browser, Notification center, Messages, Maps, Control center, supports iOS 14 and iPad 14, and many more updates. So, you can also find the new updates and improvements on iOS 14 which blows the mind of the user. The icons are redesigned in macOS Big Sur.

There are too many updates and improvements in Safari. Now, you have the complete ability to customize the Safari page. Apple has said that Safari in macOS Big Sir is working 50% faster than Chrome while searching for things or visiting any website. In simple words, Safari is now much better than browsers which we have. Therefore, you will learn How to Change Safari Background in macOS Big Sur. You can set your own and desired wallpaper on the Safari page.

How to Change Safari Wallpaper in macOS Big Sur

Step 1. You have to open the Safari in macOS Big Sur. You don’t have the customize options in the previous macOS.

Open Safari

Step 2. When the Safari web browser opens,  you have to click on the three lines icon which is located at the right-bottom of the Safari home page.

Safari Settings

Step 3. There you will find all the new updates of Safari in macOS Big Sur. You can set the default Safari wallpaper, scroll right you will see the default wallpapers. However, if you want to set your desired wallpaper then make sure to click on the + icon.

Change Safari Wallpaper in macOS Big Sur
Plus icon

Step 4. A new window will be pop-up. There you can choose your own wallpaper set as a wallpaper of the Safari. Therefore, select your favorite wallpaper and click on the Choose.

Change Safari Wallpaper in macOS Big Sur
Choose Background wallpaper

You have done it, you have successfully changed the Safari Wallpaper on macOS Big Sur which looks extremely beautiful and cool.

Change Safari Wallpaper in macOS Big Sur
Changed Safari Wallpaper

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Bottom Line

You can set your favorite wallpaper and make the Safari look great. You can customize each and everything on Safari not only the background. Try the other amazing features of macOS Big Sur. However, I hope that this article is helpful to change the Safari wallpaper. If you find any kind of problem then don’t hesitate to leave comments in the comment section down below. Your feedback and suggestion about the new Safari will be appreciated.


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