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How to Link Google AdSense to Payoneer Account in 2021

In this article, I am going to guide you with the easiest way on How to Link Google AdSense to Payoneer Account in 2021. You might know that Google AdSense is the advertisement program which runs by Google. When someone wants to advertise the product to the people then they choose Google AdSense. So, Google AdSense will add to different websites or YouTube channels. Google AdSense will accept different types of advertisement such as image, text, and videos, etc. Therefore, when you have a blog then you use Google AdSense then the traffic click on the ads on your blog then Google AdSense will give you a percentage. As you know that nowadays the publisher is earning by using Google AdSense. Then when you earn some money from Google AdSense after that you can easily withdraw that to your Payoneer account. Know more about Payooner from the below.

Payoneer is a financial service company which will provide you online money transfer and digital payments service without any problem. You can easily receive the money from anywhere directly to your Payoneer account with some easy procedure. Nowadays millions of people using the payooner because the withdraw of money are very easy than others. Famous websites are using Payoneer especially online shopping website using Payoneer for easy payment. Let’s glance to How to Link Google AdSense to Payoneer Account – Easy Way.

Link Google AdSense to Payoneer Account.
How to Google AdSense to Payoneer Account

However, when you reach $100 and completed the threshold of Google Adsense, you have to get your first payment. Therefore, You have different options to receive payment from Google AdSense. Therefore, I am going to show in this article how to link Google AdSense to Payoneer.

If you haven’t made Payoneer account yet. Then what are you waiting for click on the link below and make Payoneer account for yourself in order to withdraw the money of Google AdSense.

How to Link Google AdSense to Payoneer Account

So, now I am going to guide the procedure of linking google AdSense tp Payoneer account. We can link it with very easy and simple steps. You need to follow the each step below in order to link Google Adsense to Payoneer account.

Step 1. First of all, you have to open the official website of Payoneer then you need to enter the username and password. Then click on Sing-in.

How to Link Google AdSense to Payoneer Account

Step 2. When you Sign-In to your Payoneer account. Then you will see Your main Payoneer account. There are different options. You will find the Global Payment Service. Then you have click on it.

Global Payment Service

Step 3. Now you have to select the country service where your Google Adsense account was approved from. Otherwise, you won’t be allow to withdraw your money.

Select the country

Step 4. After that, you need to sign in to Google AdSense. From Google AdSense, menu tab click on the Payments option. And click on Add Payment Method.

Add payment method

Step 5. Now, you need to enter your account information to Google AdSense from your Payoneer account. Fill in the form from your Payoneer account. Don’t forget to copy the bank name from Payoneer and past it in the Name on the bank account and type BSB number and Account number then click the Save button.

Link Google AdSense to Payoneer Account.
Add your Payoneer information

Verification to Link Google AdSense to your Payoneer account

After that Google will verify your Payoneer account. It is one of the important steps before Google has to transfer money to your account. Therefore, it will verify your account that either it is linked to Payoneer account or not.

In order to verify your bank account Google will deposit less than A$1.00 to your bank account within 2 or 3 days. Review your bank account transactions for a small test deposit from Google and then enter the amount which you want to withdraw in Google Adsense.


That’s all about How to Link Google AdSense to Payoneer Account. Now you have successfully linked your Google AdSense Account to Payoneer account. If you have any problem or issue regarding this then feel to comment below. If you have any suggestion or feedback then please do write that on the comment box below.


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