How to Install Final Cut Pro on Windows 10 – Download for Windows 2019

In this article, you will know How to Install Final Cut Pro on Windows 10 – Download for Windows 2019. As you all know Final Cut Pro is only for Mac devices. So, there is not any way to install it on your Windows 10 PC. Therefore, we found the way for this. After reading my article you will be able to install Final Cut Pro on Windows with simple ways. You don’t need to change hardware etc of your computer let it be as default. As we know that nowadays windows user is using VirtualBox and VMware macOS Mojave. Therefore, The same way you can use and install Final Cut Pro on VirtualBox and VMware. Remember one thing that it is not only for windows 10. You can install it on any windows such as Vista, Windows 7, and as well as windows 8.

If you are thinking that why we should install it on VirtualBox or VMware. So, Final Cut Pro is only for Mac. Therefore, we don’t have any other option to install it without VirtualBox or VMware. There is too many software which allows you to install any software which is for mac. However, we are going to guide hot to install it on windows. Remember that the procedure and way are very lengthy so, you need to be patient and follow the step which I am going to guide you. Before installing Final Cut Pro you need to do something which I will guide you below.

How to Install Final Cut Pro on Windows 10
How to Install Final Cut Pro on Windows 10

Final Cut Pro: It is Mac-based video editing software. However, it gives a more strong take on post-production. Final Cut Pro gives a completely different type of editing audio and motion graphics also. There is no limitation on editing 360 videos and VR Headset playback. Which are one of the best video format for different devices? There are a different type of advanced color grading, HDR support, and ProRes Raw.

Final Cut Pro Windows requirement:

First of all, you need to install VirtualBox or VMware after that install macOS Mojave on the VirtualBox or VMware. From the below link, you will get full guide step by step how to install macOS Mojave in VMware and VirtualBox.

Installing Final Cut Pro:

When you successfully install macOS Mojave on Virtualbox or VMware. So know it is time to install Final Cut Pro on it

1. At the below of your macOS Mojave screen, there will be the icon of App Store. You have to c0lick on it.

2. Once the App store appeared on the screen. On the right side, you will see login option click on that. Therefore, you must have an Apple ID.

3. The registration is very easy and you need to enter the right apple ID. After that, it will ask you about e-mail verification.

4. Once you have verified your e-mail. Then you are ready to go. On the top right left corner. You will see the search icon. click on it and write Final Cut Pro.

5. Final Cut Pro will show up on the search result. Now you have to click on Get. Wait for the installation completes.


That’s all about How to Install Final Cut Pro on Windows 10 – Download for Windows 2019. It is lengthy but it will surely work. I hope it was helpful for you and if you faced any problem then feel free to comment.


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