How to Install macOS Mojave on Virtualbox on Windows PC

Welcome, in this article I am going to guide the easiest way of How to Install macOS Mojave on Virtualbox on Windows PC. If you want to test the macOS Mojave on your mac then I recommend you to test it on Virtualbox which is free of cost. Because you will get all the new feature which will be more interesting to use it. We have guided article to install macOS Mojave on VMware which you can try that also. So, installing the macOS Mojave on Virtualbox will be a great experience and you will enjoy it also. Therefore, if you are Windows user when you will need one feature from the macOS Mojave operating system at that time Virtualbox will be the best which will complete your need without wasting your money.

If you use both the operating systems on one device nothing will happen. And complete your work on both operating systems. I am pretty sure that it is 100% possible to use both of them just throughout Virtualbox and VMware which will work with full quality. In order to use both the operating systems on one device so, follow the detailed guide below. And also download the all required file for installing macOS Mojave on Virtualbox.


The Features of macOS Mojave:

1. You are now using both Dark Mode. Further, Dark Mode changes all the desktop to a darkened color scheme. Therefore, it will help you to only focus on the content which you are working.

2. macOS Mojave has a new Dynamic Desktop. Therefore, it has an especial feature and works like artificial intelligence. Because the Desktop color automatically changes with time.

3. FaceTime has been updated. Now you can chat with a group of people. As much as 32 people at the same time.

4. In the latest version, users can organize the files with attributes such as file kind, date last opened, modified, created and the tags.

3. FaceTime has been updated. Now you can chat with a group of people. As much as 32 people at the same time.

What is a Virtual Machine?

The virtual machine is software like Virtualbox and VMware etc. The virtual machine is used to test and work on different kinds of the operating system which will be an amazing experience for everybody. And it will give us different ideas and information from the different operating system like Ubuntu, MacOS High Sierra, MacOS Mojave, Kali Linux, Lubuntu, etc. The Virtual Machine will give you all the features in the operating system.

There are many Virtual Machine available on the internet but nowadays the Virtualbox and VMware is the most popular and famous virtual machine. That’s why we are going to install the macOS Mojave on Virtualbox. We will guide the complete steps which are required for installing macOS Mojave and you need to just follow the steps to understand.

Required File For macOS Mojave:

Download each required file. First of all, download and install Virtualbox which is very easy. Then download the code of macOS Mojave which is very light-weight. And download the macOS Mojave full 9 part which is more than 5 GB and the downloading speed will depend on your internet speed.

Create Guest Machine on Virtualbox for macOS Mojave:

Step 1. When you successfully download the Virtualbox then it will appear on the home screen, Double-click to open Virtualbox when the Virtualbox is opened, So, for creating a new guest machine for macOS Mojave on the right-hand corner click on the Next Option.

Click next

Step 2. A new window will be opened which you will be asked for Name and Operating System, in the first there is the option of Name as I have typed the name of the virtual machine MacOS Mojave, then in the second option you need to choose the file location and I suggest you select Drive C, in the third option you need to choose the type as Mac OS X and at last select the version as I have selected Mac OS X (64-bit). Then click on the Next.

Name and operating system

Step 3. After that, Memory Size window will be opened, you should select the ram and remember one thing that if you have 8GB RAM on your PC then select 4GB RAM for macOS Mojave because of it will give you high-quality performance. Therefore, I have 4GB RAM installed on my PC so, I will select 1Gb RAM for macOS Mojave. And click on the Next option.

Memory Size

Step 4. In the next step, you will see three option, so, I recommend to select the third option and bring the MacOS Mojave file by click on the file icon. Because at last, we should not add macOS Mojave file again. Then press Create.

Hard disk storage

Configure the Virtualbox Machine for macOS Mojave:

Step 1. Now, select the virtual machine which you have created for macOS Mojave, at the right-hand corner you will see setting click on that. In motherboard option you need to dis select the Floppy disk, then click on the processor option at there you need to increase the processor up to 4 for having the high-quality performance on macOS Mojave and select the Enable PAE/NX.

System setting

Step 2. After that, click on the Display menu, at there you need to increase the quality of Video Memory up to 128MB.

Display setting

Step 3. After increasing the size video memory, then you need to go to the Storage menu at there don’t touch other option on select the Use Host I/O Cache. Then click OK.

Storage setting

Add Code for Virtualbox through Command Prompt (CMD):

Step 1. When you successfully created a virtual machine for macOS Mojave, now it is time to add the code for Virtualbox through CMD, first of all, completely close the Virtualbox then type CMD on start button search bar then right click on the CMD, make sure that Virtualbox is close and click on the Run as administrator.

Open CMD

Step 2. After that, therefore, you need to open the code as a notepad which I have provided you at the beginning of the article as a Required file when you open that code in notepad, then you need the replace the middle text which is written The Virtual Machine Name replace with which you have typed for your virtual machine, therefore, I typed there MacOS Mojave so, I will change with that.

Replace with your virtual machine name

Step 3. When you replace all of them, then you need to copy paste one by one CMD which was run as administrator. As the screenshot below.

Copy and Paste the code one by one on CMD

Installing macOS Mojave on Virtualbox:

After creating a new virtual machine, configuring the virtual machine, and adding the macOS Mojave code on Command Prompt(CMD). When you have done all the steps completely. Now it is time to installing macOS Mojave on Virtualbox so, follow each step to successfully install it on Virtualbox.

Install macOS Mojave on Virtualbox

Step 1. Therefore, you may see at the right-hand there is a Start button click on that.

Step 2. After that, a welcome screen will appear, so, you will be asked to choose the country I will simply choose Australia.

Select your country

Step 3. In this step, choose the keyboard layout and simply click on continue if you want to choose another one then click on Show All.

Select keyboard layout

Step 4. Now, you will see Data and privacy screen, therefore, you have to read all the Data and Privacy carefully if you agree with their Data and privacy simply click on the Continue.

Data and Privacy

Step 5. Transferring information from windows PC to the Mac, So, if you like to transfer your all information to the mac simply click on the Second option which is From a windows PC. But I recommend you to select the third option (Don’t transfer any information now) because we are not going to use this mac as our primary PC.

Don’t transfer any information now

Step 6. After that, you will be asked to provide your apple id so, simply click Skip you can add your apple id later on.

Step 7. In this step, you need to read Terms and condition if you agree with them then simply click on the Continue option.

Terms and Condition

Step 8. Now, you have to create a computer account same like we are making for windows. Therefore, fill out all the blanks with your name, account name, password, hint and click on the Continue.

Create a Computer Account

Step 9. After creating a computer account, you need to express set up if you want to bring some changes so, click on the Customize Setting if not, then click on the Continue.

Express set up

Step 10. Then, choose your look if you like dark screen then select dark mode and click on the Continue.

Step 11. Great!, you have successfully installed macOS Mojave on Virtualbox. Now, complete your need for macOS Mojave, I told you that it will give you all the features to the users. Therefore, enjoy now each and everything in macOS Mojave and it has all the functionalities as you need.

wallpaper of macOS Mojave
wallpaper of macOS Mojave


Congratulations! These were all the steps and method about How to Install macOS Mojave on Virtualbox on Windows PC. I hope this method will help you to complete your need regarding macOS Mojave. If you face any problem then feel free to comment. Also, comment on your feedback and suggestion thanks.


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