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How to Fix Instagram Reels Stuck on Processing or Uploading?

5 Easy Ways to Fix Instagram Reels/Videos Stuck on Processing or Uploading

If you want to fix the problem of reels stucking on uploading then you need to read this article. In this article, you will be guided on How to Fix Instagram Reels Stuck on Processing or Uploading?

Instagram is the best platform for uploading photos and videos. Most of the people are using Instagram and gaining followers. Nowadays, people are giving time to Instagram uploading reels, photos of beautiful sights, or pictures of themselves. One best thing is that your personal data is private. And you can share your photos and video on Instagram. When you think that you want to keep them private then there is an option to private such things. No one can see your picture until you do not allow them.

Instagram is on top from every aspect like your data is end-to-end encrypted and your messages also. There are people who are facing when they upload videos on Instagram they face stuck problem. However, reasons are a lot that can cause this issue.

If you want to fix reels stuck on uploading then you need to read them and understand the article. So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

1. Poor Connection

There is a common reason that everyone is facing while uploading reels which is the internet connection. If your internet connection is poor then you will have the Instagram reels stuck on processing or uploading. For that. you need to have a good connection otherwise you will get that problem. However, if you are using cellular data then once try to turn on or off the Airplane mode. It is the solution that which data user is doing.

2. Video is Not Supported

Every social media platform has its terms and condition. The same Instagram has terms and conditions and you have to follow it. You have to be aware of the rules on Instagram and read them before uploading reels. Otherwise, you will get that The Video is Not Supported.

3. Remove Videos

It means that delete those videos that are the opposite of the privacy policy of Instagram. If you have posted a such video that hurt the policies of Instagram then delete them. In the future, you need to keep in your mind to not upload content that Instagram does not allow.

4. Reinstall or Update Instagram

To fix this problem you should update your Instagram to the newest version. Go and check from the Play Store if it requires to get updated then do it. The current version which you are using might have the virus. An update to the latest might help you to fix your issue. Or uninstall the Instagram app and then reinstall it after that your problem may be solved.

5. Video Format

The video format is the important thing while uploading videos. Before uploading a video on Instagram you need to check the file type of that video. Moreover, if you upload a video it got stuck then check the video format of the video. If it is not MP4 then your video gets proceeded to then convert into MP4. You get several tutorials on the web which will easily guide you to convert video format.

Requirements For Uploading Reels on Instagram

I will give to some requirements which will help you to upload reels on Instagram. You have to keep in your mind the below things and when you upload videos on Instagram you don’t face the stuck problem.

  • The first requirement is when you upload a video and the ratio should be between 1.91:1 and 9:16.
  • FPS (frames per second) is important to upload video. FPS should be 30 FPS and the minimum resolution have to be 720 pixels.
  • The file type is the thing that if you don’t upload a video with the file type that Instagram does not support then you will suffer from problems. Instagram feed, stories, IGTV, live support MP4 or MOV file type.
  • Length is also one of the requirements for uploading videos. Therefore, if you upload to your Instagram feed then the length has to be 60 seconds, live 4 hours, stories 15 seconds.

Final Words

How to Fix Instagram Reels Stuck on Processing or Uploading? I hope this article is very helpful for you to fix the issue of reels stuck on uploading. This was the guide for the people who are having problems while uploading reels. I have mentioned 5 solutions for this problem and I am sure there are many other ways If you know an easy solution then you will get a comment box that you can share with us. Moreover, you can also ask questions related to our guides.

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