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How to Turn ON Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad

Dark Mode is a theme that every user wants to use it the most. You might have noticed that nowadays Dark mode is getting too much popularity and fans. On the iPhone, most of the apps have the Dark Mode which is great for dark mode lovers. Personally, I like to use Dark Mode rather than the light mode. In iOS 14, the whole interface of the iPhone is Dark Mode which looks extremely beautiful and attractive. Apple also introduced dark mode for the Messenger of Facebook. Therefore, I will show you How to Turn ON Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad.

However, the Facebook company is going to take a big move by enabling dark mode in their app. The much expected Dark mode is finally going to be rolled out in the latest version of the Facebook iOS app. Well, most of the users wanted to have a Facebook dark mode, it will be rolled out in upcoming days. So, let’s check it out how to enable Facebook dark mode on iPhone and iPad with some easy steps.

How to Turn ON Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad

1. Open the Facebook App on your iPhone.

2. When Facebook opens, you have to tap on the three-lines at the bottom right corner of the screen.


3. There scroll down and tap on the Settings and Privacy.

Turn ON Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone
Settings & Privacy

4. So, there you will have a new option by the name of Dark Mode. In order to enable Dark Mode, you have to tap on the On.

Turn ON Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone
Dark Mode

Facebook Dark Mode not showing on your Device?

However, Facebook dark mode is not available on all devices right now. Because it will be available slowly on all devices. You have to keep in mind that it will be available shortly on your device. Check out daily and use the above method to enable it.

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Bottom Line

It was all about How to Turn ON Facebook Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad. Facebook’s dark mode is very beautiful and interesting to use it. If you are using Dark mode right now then comment your thoughts about the dark mode.


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