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How to Save Audio Messages on iPhone in iOS 15 & 16?

iPhone has lots of privacy which don’t allow such good voice or screen recorder. As you know the rules of iMessage are that when someone sends an audio message then it will be disappeared or delete after two minutes. It will be an angry moment when any important audio messages are expired. There are only two ways that you can save the essential audio. The first method is just to save the voice messages and the second one is to turn on an option that won’t allow the audio messages should expire after two minutes. If you want to save audio messages then you need to read this article. From this article, you will learn How to Save Audio Messages on iPhone in iOS 15 & 16?. So, without further ado let’s get started.

How to Save Audio Messages on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Launch the Messages after that open the conversation.

Step 2. Then when you send audio then you will face a Keep button. Click on the Keep to save the audio because after two minutes the audio messages will be deleted.

How to Save All Audio Audio Messages on iPad and iPhone

Step 1. First of all, you should open the Settings on your phone.

Step 2. Now, scroll down then select Messages.

Select Messages

Step 3. Next, click on the Expire from the section Audio Messages.

Save Audio Messages on iPhone
Click on the Expire

Step 4. At last, you will get two options after that tap on the Never.

Save Audio Messages on iPhone

This was a process that when anyone sends an audio message then it won’t delete. However, this process will save the audio just like the other things images, and texts.

Bottom Line

It was all about How to Save Audio Messages on iPhone and iPad in iOS 15. I hope this article is very helpful for you to save audio messages. This was step by step guide on saving audio messages. From this article, for sure can get something good. This is the right place where you can easily solve your problem. After following these steps I hope you will not face any kind of problem. If you faced any kind of problem and if you have any type of suggestions then do comment.

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