How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS? (macOS Monterey, Ventura)

Everyone is having SD card and flash drive which contains essential data to yours. We can keep secure our data from a prying eye just to save them inside your USB flash drive. And you secured your drive with a layer of protection, that can be a password. However, you might face this kind of condition when you want to have access to your flash drive on the Mac. You need to open your flash drive quickly and sometime when your boss wants to open your flash and your boss is using macOS. So, we prepared a guide to make your work easier. From this article, you will learn How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS? (macOS Monterey, Ventura).

If you decided to open a BitLocker encrypted drive then you are in need of third-party software to solve such kind of situation. Here, I got software that is going to help you. The name of that software is MacOS BitLocker Reader. This tool is very fast and it will also support popular file systems such as NTFS, exFAT, and FAT32. It can also open a USB flash drive, SD card, and Hard Disk Drive.

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker is Microsoft Windows security that provides extra protection to secure your data from theft. You can encrypt anything that is installed on your PC and you want to keep safe from people who are willing to theft your data. Basically, this tool is designed for Windows operating system only and the Mac OS users want to open an encrypted drive on their Mac. For this, you need to use a similar tool like BitLocker.

Is BitLocker Safe to Use?

Of course, using BitLocker is safe till you are setting a random and tricky password. If the is strong then your drives can be safe from the attack of barring unknown vulnerabilities or unexpected attacks like a cold boot. So, always you have to select random or strong passwords.

Should You Turn Off BitLocker?

If I tell you according to my perspective then you don’t need to turn off BitLocker. I mostly recommend people who are around me to turn on BitLocker always because as I said earlier that it will secure the data. If you are having a modern computer then the performance of your PC will not be impacted too much.

How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS?

Step 1. First of all, you need to download BitLocker Genius on your mac operating system.

Step 2. Once you download the software then simply complete the process of installation.

How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS

Step 3. Then connect the USB flash drive to your mac then you will a pop-up message which you need after that tap on the Ignore.

How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS
Tap on the Ignore

Step 4. Now, select your flash drive and then click on the Unlock from the menu tab.

How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS

Step 5. In the next step, you will get two options Password or Recovery Key. Fill any of the options with a password after that select Mount.

Select Mount

Step 6. Finally, your USB flash drive is unlocked then click on the Unlock From Disk2s1 after that to secure your data simply tap on Eject.

Final Words

It was all about How to Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on macOS? (macOS Monterey, Ventura). Whenever you want to keep secure from prying eyes then BitLocker is a perfect choice. All the time your BitLocker should be turned on to protect your data. There can be another way to open BitLocker encrypted drive on the mac operating system and then share the way with us.

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