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How to Monetize Your Facebook Page – Step by Step

In this article, you will learn How to Monetize Your Facebook Page – Step by Step0. So, Facebook is one of the most popular platforms and according to Alexa Traffic Rank, Facebook is 3rd position in all over the world. You might have some information about monetizing your Facebook page and earning from your facebook page. If you don’t have any idea than no worries I will guide step by step. You know how to communicate and video call with other people. And share your pictures with the people. First of all, you need to have a facebook page and it is very easy to make one page for yourself. So, it doesn’t need any skills but the main thing you have to have an interest in it. And it is a really good source of income but you need to have the patience for it because it needs more time.

As you all know Facebook is also good for calling and messaging with your relatives and families. Facebook has 2.38 billion users monthly and millions of users daily. You can take benefits of facebook nowadays because it is somehow to make money and you can work as your part job. Have a time table for it and work on your page daily to get great income. And it is an offer for those who want to have an income form your page. It is offering a very good opportunity for its users to monetize their Facebook page and it is easy if you have a kind of interest for it. You need to make a page first then you need to upload your videos. Then you need to have minimum 10,000 likes with 30,000 minutes played in 60 days.

After completing the requirement, you can join for making your page monetize. Nowadays you have Ads break in facebook which helps the video creators and publishers to earn money by adding short Ads in your video. Now it is the best offer for you which is given from Facebook. Therefore, now you have to create a Facebook page for yourself which is very easy to make and if you don’t have an idea about creating a Facebook page then no worries you need to go and search it on YouTube. Now, let’s have a look at How to Monetize Your Facebook Page – Step by Step.

Monetize Your Facebook Page
How to Monetize Your Facebook Page

Everybody can Make Money on Facebook?

So, as I think, almost everyone can earn from Facebook because it doesn’t need any great skill for it. And as I said you need to have a kind of interest in it.  Facebook is an outstanding and most popular platform all over the world. So, if we see 90% of people are using Facebook from different countries. And if you start and create a Facebook Page believe me that you will have a great income from it but it also needs time to work in it and have the patience for your page in order to earn from it.

How to Monetize Your Facebook Page – Step by Step

Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility – How to Monetize Your Facebook Page

Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility
Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility
If publishers really want to earn money from your Facebook Page. For that, you have to follow the rules and terms which will help you to monetize your Facebook page. In these rules and terms, each and everything is mentioned for the publishers which will make the work of publisher easier in order to monetize your Facebook page. Therefore, you need to read deeply and understand the Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility below.
  • Obey Payment Terms.
  • Obey Page Terms.
  • Follow the Community Standard.
  • Share Authentic Content.
  • Develop An established Presence.

Obey Payment Terms

The one who wants to earn money from facebook page then they need to Obey with Facebook Payment terms. If you don’t do that then they might be having a problem of losing their eligibility to use Facebook’s monetize.

Obey Page Terms

The content you are going to publish on your Facebook page. It must not have any violation in any terms of facebook because Facebook has very tough rules and terms. If you don’t obey and if your video violates any terms then you will not be able to monetize your Facebook Page. Everything has rules and terms and the same facebook has too.

Follow the Community Standard

If anyone violates Facebook’s community standards with their content which published on the facebook page. These types of content can cause the problem for publishers to lose their eligibility to monetize any content. If you have observed that you have violated Facebook’s community standard. So do check for any notifications.

Share Authentic Content

The publishers always post a kind of content which must be authentic. Therefore, it means that the content should not provide wrong information to the people and do not provide false news, the video which against terms and rules. If you post wrong news or something like that may cause to lose its eligibility to monetize Facebook page. The content must have to be authentic content which is going to be shared with the Facebook community. For wrong news, you will not be eligible for monetization your facebook page.

Develop An established Presence

Publishers also must have an authentic, established presence on Facebook. They must have an established presence for at least 90 days to be eligible for monetizing any content. If publishers or creators want to access ads breaks have to maintain a sufficient follower base which can point out by your Facebook friends and followers.

Check Monetization of Your Facebook Page – How to Monetize Your Facebook Page

You can check your facebook page monetization that is it ready for monetization or not. You can easily become aware of the monetization of your page by checking its eligibility. Therefore, your Facebook should be login to that device than you can easily check its monetization. For checking the monetization of your facebook page simply link on the below link.
From this link you can easily;y check the eligibility of your facebook page. Either it is monetized or not to have income from it. If you have 10,000 followers and 1-minute views for 3-minute videos then you can have a great income from your facebook page.
Check Eligibility Of Your Facebook Page
Check Eligibility Of Your Facebook Page



That’s all about How to Monetize Your Facebook Page – Step by Step. As I researched, then I shared each and everything in this article. Hope so you have gotten something new and you will take benefits of this article. If you have any question or problem then feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to comment on your valuable feedback and suggestion about this article.


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