How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone in Easy Steps

In this tutorial, I am going to guide you How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone in Easy Steps. Downloading a youtube video on the iPhone is pretty easy and handy. The method which I am going to guide will work in every iOS version. it will be very spending when something good gets removed from YouTube, and you’ll be glad you saved a copy. This method is very interesting because when you download it then it will directly go to the camera roll. YouTube is somehow strict about its policy on not allowing downloads of its videos. Even many popular browser plugins that once supported downloading of YouTube videos are now blocked from the site. So let’s discuss and download youtube video direct to the camera roll and it doesn’t need a particular app to download. You can download it using Firefox so, follow the steps below.

YouTube is the best video-sharing website or platform where you can watch various movies and videos. A large number of YouTube users are always looking for Download YouTube Videos on iPhone. So, that they can watch them later while they are offline and when they do not have access to an internet connection. Downloading YouTube videos for offline watching is also a great way of ensuring that you get to keep your favorite movies, as sometimes videos are removed from YouTube, which can be quite annoying when you search for them only to find that they have been deleted. There are many articles related to this but they don’t guide how to save to camera roll.

Apple smartphones are making it harder and harder to download YouTube content, but we will still try our level best in order to download youtube videos without using any pc or any other device. We are downloading the youtube video by the help Firefox which will allow you to save the downloaded video in your camera roll. So, you can get and download the firefox from the app store by searching firefox on the AppStore of your iPhone. However, many tools are available on AppStore that save YouTube videos but not in the camera roll. Some are websites, some are programs that run on a computer, and others are apps that run directly on an iPhone. So, this method is totally different from other methods and also easy methods.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone
How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone in Easy Steps

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone in Easy Steps

Downloading Youtube Videos Direct to the Camera roll/photos:

Yes, of course, it will directly go to the Camera roll/photos when you apply the way which I am going to guide you below. And also the web browser is free of cost to download. There are many videos on youtube which will guide only saving it but not saving to the camera roll. Therefore, you have to follow the step by step below in order to successfully download the youtube video direct to the camera roll.


Download YouTubes Videos on iPhone:

Step 1. First of all, you need to open your AppStore and search Firefox on the search bar. And Install Firefox then wait for installing of Firefox web browser.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone in Easy Steps
Search and install Firefox

Step 2. So, when the downloaded finished, then go to the Youtube app from your iPhone. Search for video which you would like to download it. When you find it then click on the share option after that, you have to click on the copy link option.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone in Easy Steps
Copy link of the video
Step 3. Then, open the Firefox which you have downloaded. Now, tap on the search and search there for
How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone in Easy Steps
Step 4. In this step, you need to paste the link which you have copied from the video. Then you have to tap on the arrow option.
Paste the link of the video
Step 5. So, then at below of your screen download will automatically appear. then you need to long tap on the mp4.
Long tab

Step 6. Then, a new screen pop up so, you need to tap on the download link.

Download link
Step 7. Then click on download now, after that wait for the downloading. And click on the downloads when the downloading is finished.
Click on downloads
Step 8.  When you click on the downloads, then it will take you download file of Firefox. So, you need to click on the downloaded video then click on the save as.
Download YouTube Videos on iPhone
Click save as
So, you have done great. Now you can go and see the same video on your camera roll.
Download YouTube Videos on iPhone
Downloaded the video direct to camera roll


That’s all about How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone in Easy Steps. Therefore, it was the best and easiest which I guided you and I am also applying the same method to download YouTube videos. So, I hope it was great and beneficial for you. However, if you face any problem or any question then feel free to comment below. And don’t forget to comment on your feedback about this article.


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