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How to Download Music from SoundCloud to iPhone?

SoundCloud is a great alternative to Spotify or Deezer. In addition to official music, the platform also offers less popular songs and works by emerging artists. You can listen to fascinating music. But the situation is much worse with downloading – although there are programs that allow you to transfer songs to your computer, there was a problem with downloading from SoundCloud on mobile devices running on iOS. Good news for Apple product owners! We present a great free tool – a SoundCloud mp3 downloader to save songs on our iPhone or iPad. You will learn How to Download Music from SoundCloud to iPhone

It is widely known that having an iPhone means being rich and paying more for the same things that are cheaper for others. You can’t just grab and download a file or app if you have iOS. You need to head to the App Store and install only the apps that Apple has certified. The company is known to charge hefty commissions from software and game developers, so monthly subscriptions cost a lot. Music apps are among the most popular. Not all users are fans of games, but every person has music on their smartphone. What could be worse than riding the subway or in a car in absolute silence?

Three basic ways to save music 

Toolzu SoundCloud mp3 is a free service that does not need to be downloaded and installed on your electronic device. It just works in the browser. Its advantage is that it is absolutely free forever. There are no restrictions on the number of downloaded songs and tracks. And the quality does not suffer. You just need to copy the link from SoundCloud and paste it into a line on the site. You will not miss it, there is nothing superfluous on the page. Only one line and a big blue “Download” button. By the way, don’t forget to click the push button to get the desired file.

Another option is the SoundCloud Downloader Pro app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store. With it, you can save and play audio tracks. Beforehand, you will need to create an account and add interesting songs or albums to your favorites. You can search for the desired song by artist name, genre, or full title. When the selected file opens, a pop-up window appears in which you need to click on the checkbox to download music to iPhone or iPad. Also, select the file quality (high or low).

It is worth considering that a high-quality record cannot have been obtained for free. But in low quality, it is available complimentary. This is provided to prevent the theft of music and further use for commercial purposes. If you’re not much of a music lover, then perhaps the low quality will stand up to you. But if you have super new headphones or speakers that play high-quality sound, a free song will just ruin your mood. It will sound terrible.

And the third way is just to check if the track can be saved from the resource. Perhaps its author has already allowed the download, and you do not need to do anything, but you can just safely preserve the file to your smartphone.


If we compare the above methods of downloading music, I prefer the first method (Toolzu). I don’t really like downloading new apps to my iPhone, so I save files using a browser whenever possible. Thanks to this, my favorite music is always with me, whether I renew my subscription or whether I currently have Wi-Fi. Of course, everyone chooses for himself, but it seems to me that this is the easiest way to do it. I like that you don’t have to do anything technical and share your personal data. If you value simplicity, this is the best option to download popular audio tracks and listen to them whenever you like.


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