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Create Attractive Facebook Video Ads with Invideo

Social media videos are all rage today. It would be wrong if you accessed the timeline of your preferred social media network and passed it without seeing video material. Advertisers are following this tendency and proactively channel video material for the promotion of a good or service. Therefore, I will show you How to Create Attractive Facebook Video Ads with Invideo.

Extremely complex data may well have converted via movies into fascinating and attractive material. An astounding 75% of the material is available online as an enticing movie. Also with the growing use of smartphones and tablets, people share more videos than any combined text and picture sharing.

A well-created film improves the recollection of brands since it calls on all sorts of individuals. Whenever people see brand-related films, they remember 95% of the messaging, compared to just 10% when they receive the identical written message.

A social media advertising video may boost user involvement and CTR by 300%, and buyers invest extra time with a minimum of one video on a website as well as on social network sites.

Search engine techniques have also been designed to benefit video content above any other content form in recent years. The overall SEO metrics will rise with videos on your website, and your viewers will probably stay on the site longer, improve retention rates and reduce churn rate.

It is high time you incorporate video in your content strategy whether you are a company, brand, publisher, marketing authority, or individual. So let me present InVideo if you are searching for methods to produce a video for social media marketing.

It is a sophisticated solution that may help you make your video journey easier. This article wraps up the procedures used to create a Facebook video ad for marketing on the social media platform using the InVideo video creator. Let’s get right to it!

How Can InVideo Assist in Video Creation?

InVideo is a video editing and production tool that helps in crafting videos using quality themes, images, and audio into commercial or personal videos. You can either transform an existing blog or textual material into a video or utilize the ready-made website template to start creating your own with the “blank canvas” option.

InVideo is excellent for beginners in video editing. If you have lost, it offers a simple interface with a lot of instructional videos. You may make marketing videos for your business or consumers through this platform.

This solution is ideal to take your marketing plan for small enterprises, agencies, marketers, and publications up to the next level. This wonderful application enables you to easily create marketing films, video ads, YouTube videos, social videos.

A library of more than 3 million free-to-use stock images and films from premium sources like Shutterstock can access which makes InVideo probably the most appealing Facebook video ad creator.

A search box is provided for entering a search phrase to help you locate a stock video or an image. You could also upload and incorporate your own media components into any video you want.

Besides images and videos, you can also add a piece of music that best suits the narrative of your film from the simple media panel for users.

Using the advanced editor, you may add final finish touches after you have done storyboarding, which is extremely flexible and allows you to manage components, including transitions, layers, and durations for the animation. Once the video has been completed, you may review it and export it to get a digital copy if everything goes well.

You may also connect your social media accounts to InVideo in order to direct your videos to your relevant channels. This is useful if you produce a video for social media advertising. Now, let’s move on to the steps involved in creating appealing facebook video ads using the InVideo platform.

Steps to Create Facebook Video Ads Using InVideo

It is simple to use InVideo to produce social media marketing videos. Even if you are a beginner in video production and editing. The simple interface encourages you to stretch your creative boundaries and bring your concepts to fruition.

If creating Facebook video ads is your final aim, your holy grail may be the pre-existing template repository. Follow these procedures to get things started now that we are prepared to create attractive marketing videos through the platform. Create Attractive Facebook Video Ads

  • The very first stage to making videos for Facebook video ads is to access the InVideo website using your credentials. If you don’t have an account, at this stage you must establish one.
  • When you have signed in, a template library is displayed. If you start fresh, choose a theme that best fits your needs. More than 4000+ templates are available to select from to create an appealing Facebook video ad.
  • You may start adding unique media items like graphics, music, pictures, etc. after settling on a template.
  • You may now add transitions, animations, or other visual effects to your videos to enhance the audience’s attractiveness of your Facebook video ad.
  • Modify fonts, font styles, colors, and then further personalize your movie.
  • Once you are done with everything, finally download the video or share it directly to your social media channels. Create Attractive Facebook Video Ads


If you don’t have the proper tools, creating Facebook video ads may be a difficult process. Half of your job has done with services like InVideo. And you only have to design a video that fits your creative taste.

 With the versatility of a bespoke cloud-based video solution, InVideo offers all the capabilities of an elevated high-quality video editor. Login to InVideo and start producing excellent social media videos now!


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