5 Top Photo Editing Tools That Offer Free Editing

Long gone are the days when photo editing used to be the luxury of professionals, as now is the time when beginners can use it without undergoing intense training or workshops. The internet is bustling with plenty of photo editing tools, ranging from free and basic to premium and professional. You will know 5 Top Photo Editing Tools That Offer Free Editing

Have you recently dropped your toes into the photo editing world and have no idea where to start? So, let’s get into it!! The guide will walk you through the 5 best photo editing software while outlining the basic skills one should know to edit a photo like a pro.

What Is Photo Editing?

Before jumping into the photo editing software, it’s good to understand the photo editing skill. The process of modifying an image is known as photo editing. This is an oversimplifying subject that can be made complex by using a variety of methodologies and instruments. 

Some photo editing procedures, for example, are carried out manually, while others get carried out using automated software. While offline photo editing gets also done on photographs, posters, and other printed materials, online Editing can be executed by software that allows you to edit photos for free or charge subscription fees.  

How to Learn Photo Editing Easily?

Although photo editing is an art, learning this process isn’t rocket science. One can quickly get into the basics and edit the photos like a pro. Here are some steps that you should know before jumping into this technique. 

  • Make sure you’re shooting in RAW mode. 5 Top Photo Editing Tools That Offer Free Editing
  • Always begin by adjusting your exposure.
  • Choose the appropriate white balance.
  • Increase the contrast
  • Determine the saturation level.
  • Reduce noise and increase sharpening

5 Top Photo Editing Tools for Free 

Have you ever wondered, “What are the greatest free photo editing tools?” You’ve come to the right place. We have put together the 5 best photo editing software to modify your images without much hassle.

  • Waifu2x 

Waifu2x is an application that specializes in doubling the size of an image, with a focus on anime and waifu photos. This tool comes with an easy-to-use interface and can enhance the size of your pixel art within simple steps. It can reduce the noise level without affecting the original quality of photos. 


  1. It has a simple and interactive interface. 
  2. There are enough features for you to create the ideal image.
  3. It lets you edit photos for free.


  1. None
  • GIMP

GIMP – often known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program – has a startling number of advanced and basic photo editing tools that rival Photoshop and similar expensive products. 

The GIMP software platform does not have any tiers of functionality or subscriptions. To access an array of high-quality editing tools, download the free version of the picture editing platform and get started. 


  1. Brushes can easily get adjusted
  2. Tools for custom color adjustments and gradients are available. 


  1. Learning is difficult.
  2. Interface with a clumsy appearance
  • Pixlr

Pixlr’s free, lightweight edit photo software is ideal for novice and seasoned editors looking for a quick fix for modifications. Its simplified style and simple selection of tools assist the editing process. Beginners won’t find much help on the site, but advanced users familiar with Photoshop will likely navigate the toolbars.


  1. It is a web-based application 
  2. Different editing levels are available


  1. Lacks certain features
  • Canva

Canva makes it easy to upload, edit, create and post photographs to social media, your website, and more to stay on track with your business and personal objectives even when you’re moving. You may quickly blur away backgrounds and foregrounds by adjusting the focus point of your photo by using Canva. 


  1. Save images to your online library and send them to anybody you wish.
  2. Multiple templates and typefaces make it simple to use.


  1. Canva doesn’t have any file storage on its servers.
  2. Excessive Design Use
  • Fotor

Fotor is a photo editing tool that uses proprietary technology to provide users editing control. Fotor’s software is available on nearly every mobile device, desktop computer, and the internet. 

One of the many unique features is Fotor One-Tap Enhance, a tool created to fix the most common imaging difficulties in the shortest amount of time.


  1. Even at the free level, this is a user-friendly platform with features.
  2. It’s a decent photo editor that gets used over the cloud.


  1. It consumes a lot of disc area and slows down the PC’s overall performance.

Can Photo Editing Damage Photo Quality?

If the quality of a photograph is defined by how close the pixels are to what the camera records, then Editing will indeed degrade the image’s quality. The data associated with pixels is changed when edited. 

Regardless of whether the modification adds or subtracts information, the photo’s exposure accuracy is affected. If you know how to use your editing program, you can typically improve the visual quality of the print or screen version of the photo while sacrificing accuracy. 5 Top Photo Editing Tools That Offer Free Editing

However, specific photo editing tools like Waifu2X are available on the internet to easily edit 

photos while retaining their quality. 5 Top Photo Editing Tools That Offer Free Editing

What Skills Are Required for Editing Photos Like a Professional?

An outstanding photo editor should be well-acquainted with all essential concepts associated with photography, imagery, design, and art history. Moreover, editing photos like a professional requires having a good understanding of photo editing tools. 

A great photo editor should also have the following abilities:

  • Techniques of photographic knowledge
  • Strong understanding of photo editing tools
  • Skills in time management and organization
  • Capabilities in collaboration and teamwork
  • Motivational and leadership abilities


That’s it!! You should expect the finest from your picture editing software, whether you like taking images on your phone or have created a career as a professional photographer. Choosing the ideal photo editor for you might range from pricey software to applications that allow you to edit from anywhere. 

Having the most costly, advanced picture editing tools on hand isn’t required to create amazing Photoshop-like effects. While a simple free editor should suffice if you’re only cropping, rotating, or flipping photos, investing in a good editor is a good idea if you want to apply photo effects or overlay photographs. 

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