8 Best Video Editors for iPhone in 2021

If you are making a video and vlog then you need to edit in a professional way. Because when people watch your video they like your editing of the video. When you are making a video then you need to know to edit. Editing is something that helps you to grow your channel. However, if you have a YouTube channel and you are making videos then you need to have the best video editors. If you want the best video editors then I will find for you the best video editors. Without wasting any time let’s get started. From this article, you will learn 8 Best Video Editors for iPhone in 2021.

1. iMovie


iMovie is the best video editing app. iMovie is completely free and you know what it’s really hard to argue with a free app. So if you have recently bought a Macbook pro or an iMac you will find that iMovie will actually already be installed on your computer. And if you have an iPad and iPhone then go to the app store download this app for free. Now, iMovie is actually quite powerful if you are just looking to produce them the fairly basic video for YouTube then iMovie really I think in a lot of case will do 99% of what you need. This app is available on all iPhone mobile and this iMovie made up by Apple. When you edit your video you can add effect, text, song many more you can add.

2. Quik


As much as I like iMovie for its clarity, it doesn’t fare well against Quik. Quik is a great video editor for iPhone developed by GoPro to ease its userbase and the content caused by their cameras. You don’t need to own a GoPro to use the app as it is totally free. Quik will edit videos for you using the built-in guide. There are more than 25 themes fill up with individual transitions and graphics that look professional. This app is launch on 12/11/2013. This app is easy and handy to use on your iPhone.

3. BeeCut


BeeCut is a simple video editor for iPhone that offers only the required tools that you would use while editing videos. Keeps the UI clutter-free. You begin with choosing a video and assigning the aspect ratio. It’s a great way to make social media-specific content. Once done, you get the editor with all the ruffle such as the timeline, text input, music, filters, and templates. The Video editor app is totally free of watermark and you won’t have to worry about a pellucid sign hang over your creation.



VITA stands attractively where previous video editors fell short, actual video editing tools. The app offers a general set of tools that let you edit videos with exactness. You can either choose a template or edit videos physically which gives you total control over the output video. Along with quality editing tools such as crop, trim, adding music, and text, the app also lets you add effects, filters, frames, and even stock footage. Basically, VITA has a huge classification of pre-existing assets.

5. Kinemaster


This app is a very powerful and popular video editor on the iPad and iPhone. Unlike other video editors on this list, Kinemaster supports a full-fledged stacked timeline that permits you to build a sophisticated timeline, full of effects, text, stickers, and handwriting as well. also, you can pan and zoom every clip, adjust stereo audio, mirror videos, voice change, apply EQ, and add reverb. if your edit your video then you will upload this to anywhere after that from the corner of your video you will the watermark of Kinemaster.

6. VN Video Editor

8 Best Video Editors for iPhone in 2021
VN Video Editor

While Kinemaster is best, it comes with a donation and that’s why VN Video Editor made the list. It is totally free. In spite of that, you get a multi-track timeline where you can stack up frames, subtitles, music, photo, and other clips. One of the highlights is that you can adjust the speed using the presets or operate the bend which gives you a smooth transition when slowing things down for the montages.

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

8 Best Video Editors for iPhone in 2021
Adobe Premiere Rush

So, Adobe Premiere Rush is a light and cut-up version of its desktop equivalent. It centers on the most important editing features and wonderfully optimizes them on a mobile screen. The timeline is consistently similar to the PC version and you can manipulate it just like you do on a computer. Meaning, you can make the coating, stack clips over the main clip, muli-tracks, add chromakey, etc. The popular video editor app for iPhone also lets you record a video from the app itself which abolishes the need to switch apps.

8. LumaFusion

8 Best Video Editors for iPhone in 2021

However, LumaFusion is likely the most feature-moneyed and instinctive video editing app designed for iPhone and iPad. It is designed from the ground up for touch-based devices which makes it extremely powerful. The app has professional-grade LUTs and presets that would help you achieve the best quality in your videos. The editing on LumaFusion is easy with a magnetic timeline, 6 video tracks, and 6 audio tracks.

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Bottom Line

It was all about 8 Best Video Editors for iPhone in 2021. If you have the best video editors for iPhone then this article is helping you find video editors for iPhone. I hope after reading this article you will get something about video editors. So if you are faced with any kind of problem and if you have any suggestions then go down leave your comment.


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