How to Clean Up and Speed Up your Android Phone Without Root 2019

In this article, I am going to guide you on How to Clean Up and Speed Up your Android Phone without Root 2019. As you might know that Android smartphones are one of the best and popular mobile operating systems in today’s era. Android smartphones can do anything for you and make your work easier, from taking the pictures and calling our far friends, you may book your ticket of train and airplane online. Everything seems on your fingers. But these things are not smoother with android phones. And they are a lot of another thing which makes your android phones’ performance really down. So, if you are struggling with your slow and laggy phone, then you can easily speed up with very easy steps to go throughout the article. Therefore, we have covered you up with some common android phone errors,

There might be a large number of people who are using android phones. Most of the people have a concern about slowing their android phones as the device’s speed gets slower by the passage of time. So, there can be a couple of factors that may be responsible for the slowdown of android speed like it can be because of low memory, some people don’t know about the proper use of their phone. And many more problems or issues like viruses and many more factors. So, that’s why today we are here to resolve that problem in order to optimize your android phone. There are many ways that can influence your Android phone speed. And the method we are going to discuss here is for no-rooted android phone. These methods are only and only for the one who doesn’t want to root their android phone.

Well if you root then you may face some problems and the risk of warranty on your phone. You don’t need to worry because without root there are several methods in order to speed up your android phone. And remember that we are not going to use any third-party apps for optimizing the phone. I personally recommend you that whenever your android phone gets slow down then apply the below method in order to use your phone smoothly. Therefore, let’s check out some smart ways to keep your android phone speed without rooting your phone.

How to Clean Up and Optimize your Android Phone Without Root 2019

1. Uninstall Unwanted and Heavy Apps

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

You know that some apps you are not using regularly but still, you keep those heavy and unwanted apps on your android phone. Do you know that keeping unwanted and heavy apps will really slow down your android phone if you do not need and not in use then I personally prefer you to simply delete that all. Deleting the apps on an android phone is quite easy and simple which you must know. So, heavy apps occupy and consume more size which will damage your storage that’s why your android phone will be slow down. Just remove those big sized apps and make some space then your phone will not be slow again.

Therefore, if you installed the apps and rarely use those apps then make sure to uninstall that. After uninstalling 5-6 apps that are really big in size then you will surely notice the changes that how much your android will be optimized and speed.

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2. Clear Cache your Phone on Daily Basis

Clear Cache on Daily Basis

If you want to make your speed up then I recommend you to clear cache your mobile on a daily basis. Because your device may store the temporary files which will really affect your phone performance. If your storage oh android phone exceeds the standard limit then it can completely ruin your phone performance. Since you need to clear your stored apps caches to free up storage space that might boost your Android’s performance. It’s good to keep things clean, so it is also good to keep your smartphone cleared from temp data as well. Try to make clear cache regularly for a smooth performance.

3. Factory Reset your Android Once in 6 Months

Factory Reset your Phone

If your android phone is really slow and the methods did not work the I prefer you to factory reset your phone once in 6 months. Because it will strongly boost your phone’s performance. So, it will clear all your files, apps, and personal data but before going to reset your phone then make sure to have a backup because it will be all deleted. Simply, the factory reset brings back the time when you had bought the phone from the shop. And your device worked faster. After a lot of researching, I have collected  some ideas for you about factory data to reset that it will solve your phone’s problem with about 95%. Don’t factory reset your phone frequently because it will damage your phone.

4. Install only the Needed Apps

Clean Up and Speed Up your Android Phone without Root 2019
Install only the Needed Apps

As an android phone user, you might know that installing the apps is very easy and simple. But it doesn’t mean to install all the apps you face because too many apps will affect your phone’s storage which will negatively affect the performance of your android phone. So, keeping those apps that are required. And those apps which you are using on a daily basis then it will be the smart and best way to use the android phone. A simple suggestion to keep only those apps that you use daily. Deleting unwanted data will keep your phone light. And this will provide more space for the system to perform operations hassle-free.

5. Don’t Use Live Wallpaper

Clean Up and Speed Up your Android Phone without Root 2019
Don’t Use Live Wallpaper

For most people using a live wallpaper is great fun and entertaining. Touching the live things then it moves here and there. But it has a lot of side effect on your phone’s storage and RAM. Having an android phone doesn’t mean to use all of its features. You should use those features which will not affect your phones performance. Live wallpaper will also damage the battery performance. And it will decrease the charge of the phone very quickly and it eats a lot of RAM. To boost Android performance, try to avoid using live wallpapers to free the RAM and for smooth usage of phone functions. Keep your CPU free from unwanted operations.

Bottom Line

That’s all about How to Clean Up and Speed Up your Android Phone Without Root 2019. Now that you know so many tips and tricks on how to clean up and speed up your Android phone without rooting, so try these to have a pleasurable experience with your android phone. And I am sure after trying these tips, you will definitely change yourself to use these tips regularly to keep your phone run smoothly. Using the android phone with smooth performance is very enjoyable and interesting. So, if you have any question then feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to comment on your feedback and suggestion after trying these tips.


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