Best Learning Apps for iOS and Android Phones in 2020 | Top 5 Review

In this article, you will be going to know each and everything about Best Learning Apps for iOS and Android Phones in 2020 | Top 5 Review. Learning from smartphones makes a pretty sense and interesting way to get any information. Therefore, learning from apps is a good source of learning instead of wasting our time in useless things and useless scrolling on social media. Knowledge is something unique that we can get from anywhere and from any source. When we want to get Knowledge and learning something from the apps it will give the best result ever. However, there are several educational apps and tools which is widely used to facilitate the students who want to learn and get some information free of cost. And the apps which I am going to list are specially designed and specific in order to make the students learn.

The listed apps are not limited to impart knowledge to a specific audience rather they are designed to cater to all those who have the passion to learn something new and amazing every time. Here are several education apps available on App Store and Play Store that can help students at all times. You can also use it during exams or for homework, these will allow you and help to understand difficult subjects with simpler materials and lectures. Therefore, we should be thankful for the internet because there are several materials for learning, shopping, booking, etc. In order to make our daily life easier and comfortable. And there are a few education apps too, which are on high demand. These have gained popularity among students and are definitely a big hit in 2020! Have a look at and get some ideas.

Best Learning Apps for iOS and Android Phones in 2020
Best Learning Apps for iOS and Android Phones in 2020

Best Learning Apps in 2020:

1. TED – Best App for Learning in 2020

This learning app is one of the most popular apps for adults and for those who want to listen to speech from any title. TED fascinating app has a wealth of practical information on every topic which most of the like their speech. This learning mobile app of millions of videos that are definitely gonna be a valuable source for authentic knowledge on various topics. It is not only informative but also a great feel and fun to hear them. In fact, it is also a kind of stress-relieving. And you can find a topic related to various categories such as education, science, technology, manner, and much more. It has a large number of audience.

However, TED apps keep you updated about each and everything going on in our everyday life. There are many great personalities and philosophers and speak their idea about different topics. You can also find TED from its official website and YouTube but I strongly recommend you to use its app because it provides one with exciting options of downloading videos so that you can watch them in offline mode as well. It is available for both smartphones iOS and Android phones.

  • Subtitles in the available in 100+ languages in order to learn and hear them better.
  • Access to TED Radio Hour podcast.
  • Option to sync the TED app with other smart devices.
  • Bookmark feature to watch talks later and more.

Download the TED app on iOS and Android phone


2. Duolingo – Best App for Learning in 2020

In our list in second number is Doulingo. So, duolingo is perfect learning for the one who wants to learn new languages and take the class for that because we have the app by the name duolingo in order to learn new languages. You need to pick up some basic language skills that you should use to communicate when you are in vacation places and it will make your vacation easier. There are dozens of languages that one can choose from. The course is divided into various topics along with practice sessions that can make a student better to learn. This tool will be quite useful for the one who has to work on different assignments in different languages.

Duolingo is made and known as best learning app of 2020 that can make you easily understand which can be helpful and serve as your survivor in different tourist places. The app assists users to learn how to order, initiate conversation and ask for directions in 80 different languages. However, this app has easy use to interface that help students in order to speak, read, and listen properly to other languages.

  • The students can practice speaking, reading, listening, etc.
  • You can learn different languages with full of fun.
  • Supports almost all languages;
  • It can improve your grammar as well as vocabulary skills through fun QA sessions and more.

Download the Duolingo app for iOS and Android Phone.

Duolingo app

3. Lumosity – Best App for Learning in 2020

As you all know that nowadays students are wasting their time playing useless games. Most of them are saying we will play for refreshments. Lumosity has been considered as one of the best free learning apps that let you play brainstorming programs, games and different types of quizzes to make individuals’ minds sharp and active. Students have noticed that the mind feels somehow dull after using a phone for a while. The offered app is being famous as one of the best apps for learning which lets you train your brain with different new sessions and techniques. And remember that it is a good source of learning full of fun because it is a kind of game to practice the vocabulary and much more.

There are brain games, activities, and many more that give your brain a complete workout you have never experienced. The gaming activities integrated here are really a fun part that’s great and worth introducing with kids. Lumosity app is consists of a sceince-based game designed to exercise memory, attention, speed, flexibility, and problem-solving. Now 100 Million people are using Lumosity worldwide.

  • Include over 40 brain games.
  • Challenge the core cognitive and academic abilities of users.
  • Include several workout modes.
  • Option to analyze every play and more.
  • And special for brain training.

Download the Lumosity app for iOS and Android Phone.

Lumosity app

4. Wikipedia – Best Learning App in 2020

Now, Wikipedia as you might know about its website but you may not know about its app in iOS and Android apps. Wikipedia is designed uniquely for the students in order to learn effortlessly without wasting their time and money. From this app, you can learn in such a way that you can’t expect because there is an answer to every question. As per recent statistics, this Android learning app has more than 40 million articles in over 300 languages on its platform. Wikipedia is a multilingual online encyclopedia created and maintained as an open collaboration project using a wiki-based editing system. It is the largest and most popular general reference work on the World Wide Web.

  • It doesn’t include an ad.
  • Informative articles.
  • Option to translate the content in the local language.
  • Offline support and more.
  • Easily understandable.
  • You can save an article and read it at free time.

Download the Wikipedia app for iOS and Android phones.

Best Learning Apps for iOS and Android Phones in 2020
Wikipedia App

5. Edmodo – Best Learning App in 2020

So, The last in the list of best learning apps in 2020 is Edmodo. Edmodo is one of the best educational apps which makes free classroom and makes communication and easier and possible. This app lets you engage with your classes and connect with teachers globally. This learning app basically acts like a hub that allows users to learn something new every day and engage easily with their respective classes. This is one of the best apps for learning which is designed and been completely modified to create a smooth transfer of information between students, parents and fellow teachers. And Edmodo app has been redesign from the ground up to focus on how you can communicate with your friends, teachers, and parents.

  • Works like a home stream for teachers;
  • Users can get classes along with the assignments at one place;
  • Option to send messages directly to the students and parents;
  • Better communication among the users and more.

Download the Edmodo app for iOS and Android phones.

Best Learning Apps for iOS and Android Phones in 2020
Edmodo app


Final Words:

That’s all about Best Learning Apps for iOS and Android Phones in 2020 | Top 5 Review. I hope that these learning apps will help in order to learn at home. So, these are all the learning apps of 2020 which should every student know about it. Install and on your smartphone whether it is iOS and android and try them. So, Then don’t forget to comment on your feedback.


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