Best Smartphones in 2020 You Need to Know – Top 5 Smartphones 2020

In this article, you will get to know the Best Smartphones in 2020 You Need to Know – Top 5 Smartphones 2020. These smartphones will play an important role in all over the world. So, Smartphones have a long way, because as you all know that in the past people were using small-screen smartphones and it didn’t have wifi, etc. If we see nowadays technology is improving rapidly and especially in 2020 we will have a very smooth and attractive smartphone which will bee too expensive for the one who wants to buy that. Have you ever think that technology like smartphones will connect you with all over the world. And in 2020 the smartphones will have great qualities and features that will have long battery life, High-Resolution Screen, Very smooth working, outstanding camera + photography capabilities, and very decent and pleasant sound quality.

In 2020, we will have and see unique and advanced design smartphones with improved software and best processor. Till 2020 smartphones will be released and hope so that 5G network will be released then smartphones will work faster. In 2020 the smartphones company will have great competition and let’s see which one will be best. Some smartphones I will introduce with you that will be the best smartphone and everybody will like and buy that. Smartphones company work hard to make the advance which should make the work easier than now 2019. And some brands like Samsung and Huawei have also introduced foldable devices while many brands like Xiaomi are working on foldable technology. Therefore, let’s get started and you need to know the best smartphones in 2020.

Best Smartphones in 2020 You Need to Know from below:

So, now it is time to introduce with you the best smartphone in 2020. Therefore, we have listed the best and top 5 smartphones in 2020 you need to know. That will be released from the biggest and famous companies. Yet the release date is not confirmed but it is confirmed that these below smartphones will be released in 2020. However, Here we have gathered and listed upcoming smartphones which are expected to launch next year so you can get an idea of what’s in the future.


1. Apple iPhone X Fold – Best Smartphone in 2020

Best Smartphones in 2020
Apple iPhone X Fold

First one we have iPhone X Fold which will design very attractive. As you all know that Samsung company recently and has introduced it’s the foldable smartphone in September 2019. So, hope that we could see the first foldable smartphone of apple company in 2020. So, apple company will not launch the foldable device in 2019 but it will be too much expensive than another foldable smartphone because it is going to be the first foldable device of apple company. In the news, and all over the world is saying that Apple is going to introduce its foldable smartphone in the upcoming 2020. The features in the iPhone X fold will be very beautiful and interesting to work on it. And apple company will use its top-notch hardware that will make its look just amazing from outside and inside.

2. Samsung Galaxy S10 + – Best Smartphone in 2020

Best Smartphones in 2020
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

As you all know, Samsung has announced the Samsung galaxy s10 and Samsung galaxy fold. Every time the Samsung company comes with full of incredible stuff which is very interesting. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the same somehow like Samsung galaxy note 10. Its great feature is fast charging and enhanced camera. Most of the people will like to use Samsung galaxy s10 Plus and its amazing features. And According to reports, this smartphone may feature an under-display camera, in-display fingerprint sensor, wireless charging and you may have to use wireless earphones for music. This time some leaked patent images show a fully bezel-less smartphone, Samsung S10 plus. Therefore, Samsung galaxy is going to be the most exciting smartphone all over the world. It is certain that you will enjoy it when it will be released. And it will consider and known as the best smartphone in 2020.

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3. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max – Best Smartphone in 2020

Best Smartphones in 2020
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

In the 3rd number in the list of best smartphones in 2020. Recent iPhone was XR which had an LCD display got a lukewarm response. But, in the next and upcoming iPhone, we will have in 2020 iPhone 11 Pro Max Which has OLED screen display and 5G modem. We may get some cool features on its AI. There will a great feature with a wonderful camera which is been good all the time. Apple tries its level best and working on the series of the chip which they call it bionic chip. And we will also see some cool AI-powered camera features like different modes and a personalized camera app for studying and for many other works. A surprising move for Apple is news that the new iPhones will once again change their charging port, but hopefully upsetting fewer fans in doing so with a move from Lightning to USB-C.

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4. Xiaomi Mi 10 – Best Smartphone in 2020

Best Smartphones in 2020
Xiaomi Mi 10

It will be launched its Mi 9 flagship smartphones this year and is reportedly planning its successor the Xiaomi Mi 10. The rumors are saying that it will have a great and attractive design with a dual front camera with minimal holes for more screen space. The setup has divided into two parts, one in the upper left corner and other at right. It is said to run on Snapdragon 865 flagship SoC with 8GB/10GB RAM options. And it is saying that it is going to be launched and it will be the most affordable device among other companies and brands.

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5. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – Best Smartphone in 2020

Best Smartphones in 2020
Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

As you all know, Samsung Galaxy Fold has recently launched. But now they are preparing for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. We may see two foldable smartphones in 2020 first one is iPhone X fold and Samsung galaxy Fold 2. The trend of foldable devices is increasing as Google is developing an efficient Android OS for foldable smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may come with a 6000mAh battery capacity and an improved folding mechanism. So, you might now that there is some issue with Samsung galaxy fold but they are going to rectify and remove those all issue which is Samsung galaxy fold 2. 2020 will be the year of the best smartphones and especially the year of foldable smartphones.

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That’s all about the Best Smartphones in 2020 You Need to Know – Top 5 Smartphones 2020. Hope that you got some idea about upcoming smartphones which will be launched in 2020. Therefore, Save your budget for one of these listed smartphones in 2020 below. Because it will be smoothest and workable smartphones of all time. So, if you have any question then feel free to comment with the comment section below. Don’t forget to give your feedback and suggestion about these smartphones.


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