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Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac in 2020

There are several reasons which users lose their personal data or important documents. Sometimes it happens that during macOS Update the user’s data will be deleted. Apple’s computer is a good system but sometimes things go wrong. Most of the users really don’t like to use Recovery software until they lose their personal data. Therefore, I will present the Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac.

If you lose your data or files mistakenly which is an awkward thing ever. Fortunately, we have strong and powerful software recovery which pretty allows the users to recover the lost without facing restriction. However, you can also recover the data from iCloud. But sometimes you have not backup your files in iCloud. In this case, there are tons of recovery Softwares which you don’t know yet. But keep in mind after iCloud, Recovery Softwares are perfect and the only option in order to recover the lost data from the Mac.

Being a user, we don’t really want our files or data should be lost. Because when this happens, most of the people get upset that to recover it back. If you are the one then the recovery software will help in any angle. Therefore, you have to go through the articles, and choose the recovery software from the top 5 best below. You will get the complete information and description of the Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac.

Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

However, most of the people are looking for the cheap recovery software. Because it is very expensive to buy the premium software or to ask any expert also takes much money. It is best that you should do yourself with little effort. Fortunately, there are tons of Data Recovery Software for Mac which are pretty available for free. With the help of those Softwares, you can easily recover the data or files which you have lost. You know that developing and publishing software needs much hard work and effort. Therefore,  some of them are free and most of them are premium. Therefore, you can head over below and get to know about Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac in 2020.

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Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac in 2020

1. Disk Drill (Free Trial)

Disk Drill

If you are a newbie and want to recover lost data on Mac then I strongly recommend you download and use Disk Drill. Because Disk drill is one most popular and handy data recovery software on Mac. And it is powerful recovery software especially for the Mac which provides not just data recovery but also backup functionality. It contains many features such as recovery vault,  lost partition restoration, boot disk make, and many more, These features make it one of the top recovery software overall. Furthermore, the Disk drill also lets the user in order to preview the files so that you should determine to restore them.

Disk Drill is very easy to use even the newbie users can use and recover the lost files on their Mac. However, Disk drill pretty works on external and internal drive, USB Flash Drive, SD Card, Hard drive, and all other things which can be connected to a Mac. It also works on smartphones such as Android and iOS. With a single click you can pretty perform recovery process on your Mac.

However, the Disk drill constantly updating and supported by its amazing team. Most of the time they work in order to fix the issue which the users are facing for example data corruption, loss of power, disconnecting the device, and so on. Fortunately, you can easily recover data from trash Mac or data lost due to damage to the storage device. Disk drill supports over 200 files format and various kinds of storage devices.

The main thing in the Disk drill is that, the user will be helped even if the storage is badly damaged. Furthermore, various kinds of file systems will be supported by Disk drill such as NTFS, APFS, FAT, ex-FAT, EXT3/EXT4, HFS, and HFS+.


  • User interface and very simple to use.
  • It provides incredible results.
  • Delivers with extra free disk tool.
  • Simple recovery evaluation.
  • Two different distinct data recovery methods.
  • One-click scanning.
  • Restore data from iOS & Android.


  • You can’t use free overall,
  • Trial version can preview the files only.

2. Data Rescue 5

Data Rescue 5 For Mac

It is also a great and useful data recovery software for Mac OS X. This software will greatly help the user in order to search for and recover the data which has been lost due to drive corruption or the deletion from the hard drive where it was lost. Itis designed a very simple and user interface that is perfect for the data recovery of Mac. It is free of cost to buy and recover the data from the Mac. Fortunately, with the free version of Data Rescue 5 software, the user can recover a minimum of 2GB of data. Therefore, you can pretty enjoy the quick scanning of your Mac and cloning of recovered files.

If you have lost some of your data from Mac, then you can use Data Rescue 5 without facing any restriction. It comes with an intuitive interface that any user can pretty use. The scanning of this software is just mind-blowing because it performs in little time. Data Rescue 5 pretty works on almost all versions os Mac including macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave. Keep in mind that, if you buy the premium version of Data Rescue 5 software then you will have all the functionalities when you want to recover files on your Mac.

Because of easy interface, getting starting with Data Rescue 5 is very simple and easy for the users. You can just click on the Start Recovering files button then you will get all the data which you have lost. Make sure to use the advanced search options to find out all the things which you need. Furthermore, of course, you can pretty recover the data from your Mac without restriction.

However, With data rescue 5 software you can recover many devices such as USB Flash Drive, SSD cards, SSD, HHD, CF cards, disk drive, and many more devices. Afterward, you can easily recover the lost data from the Time Machine without getting the duplicate one on your Mac. You are completely able to preview the lost data before recovering them.


  • You can use it on Windows too.
  • Quick scan.
  • Search option.
  • Filter Function.
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface.
  • Securely recover data from Mac.
  • Advanced feature for recovering the files from Mac.


  • Trial Version.
  • You can’t use it free of cost.

3. MiniTool Data Recovery

MiniTool Data Recovery for Mac

If software has an amazing and user interface then everybody will try and use it because it will easy to use. Well, MiniTool Data Recovery offers to choose the module and recover whatever you want. With the help of this recovery software, you will be able to recover videos, emails, photos, documents, and other types of data from Mac computer and from all other devices without any restriction and completely fastly. The free version of MiniTool Data Recovery only provides supports via email.

However, with the MiniTool Data Recovery, you shouldn’t worry about the deletion data and lost data because you will full functionality and features. If you want to recover any kind of file from your Mac then you can go through the MiniTool Data Recovery. When you buy the premium version of this data recovery software then you will pretty enjoy each and everything. And you will get back the data on your Mac without worrying about its quality loss.

In MiniTool Data Recovery for Mac, you will have four amazing and useful modules of options. One of them is Undelete Recovery that helps the user in order to recover lost data which you have deleted accidentally. Second is Damaged Partition Recovery that helps the users in order to recover from formatted or damaged partition. Thrid is Lost Partition Recovery this option will help the user to recover the lost data from deletion or loss of partition. The fourth one is Digital Media Recovery which helps you in order to recover the multimedia files.


  • Easy to use.
  • Features to recover multimedia files.
  • One-click to scan.
  • Recovers the files from Mac safely.


  • Not free overall.
  • Complicated for newbie.
  • Needs an internet connection to use it.

4. Stellar Phoneix Mac Data Recovery

Best Data Recovery Software for Mac
Stellar Phoneix Mac Data Recovery

The maker of this software claims that it is the easiest and simplest software overall. However, this software is pretty easy and simple to navigate. Nowadays most of the Mac and Windows users are using Stellar Phoneix. You need to choose the kind of files which you want to recover and the drive in order to scan. And the user can use lightly to scan and perform a deep scan. You can also have the option of choosing how the e result will be displayed. However, the Mac user can use it to recover whatever you want and also backup from the iCloud of your Mac.

Various kinds of files of systems are supported by the Stellar Phoneix Mac data recovery such as NTFS, HFS, and ex-FAT. This software can easily recover files that are accidentally deleted or emptied from the recycle bin. It gives the ability to the user in order to recover from missing or lost partition. It can also recover the data from the Mac even if it is crashed. If your data is lost due to a virus attack then this data recovery software will be the perfect option. Keep in mind that Stellar Phoneix data recovery software will work on Snow Leopard, macOS High Sierra, and all OS in between.

However, Deep scan will take much time and you might now have that much time. In this case, this software has much more option which scan fastly. Furthermore, you can also recover the lost data from the external drive with the help of this software.


  • Reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Corrupt photo and video repair.
  • Recovers data from the encrypted drive.
  • Simple navigate.


  • No free recovery option is available.
  • Limited trial version.
  • Advanced features will need to be purchased.

5. DiskWarrior for Mac

Best Data Recovery Software for Mac
DiskWarrior for Mac

Last but not least, we have one more amazing data recovery software by the name of DiskWarrior. DiskWorrior also known as one of the powerful software overall. It has the best and advanced repair and data recovery tools especially for the Mac. The software will fully satisfy the user in order to recover the lost data in a proper way. It can even recover the lost data even if your partition is corrupted or lost of partition. However, most of the newbie users even don’t know yet about this data recovery software for Mac.

It also has the advanced repair tool which is especially for the damaged partition or the drive. If you want to use then make sure to use once if you need advanced functionalities.


  • Smart Technology.
  • Easy to use.
  • Advanced repair features.


  • Expensive.
  • Now always fine when it comes on data recovery

Final Words:

That’s all about and valuable information about Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac in 2020. If you go through one of these data recovery software then believe me that you will not regret it. However, I have searched too much about these top software then brought it for you. Therefore, I hope you have gotten something from this article. If you have any questions about these data recovery software then don’t hesitate to leave comments in the comment section below.


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