5 Best Rooting Apps to Root Android Without PC/Computer 2020

Nowadays, you might know that most of the android users really want to root their devices in order to gain Superuser permission. A root android phone can be more powerful than the normal or unrooted phone. Fortunately, rooting an android is not a big deal at all because everyone can perform without facing any difficulties. Well, for the beginner or new users is pretty difficult because they might not know about the proper procedure of that. Some new users tried to root their android phones but get damaged by their phones due to using the wrong app for rooting. Once they perform proper root then they can customize each and everything on their phone. Even it will be under your control, you can do whatever you want, Therefore, I am going to show 6 Best Rooting Apps to Root Android Without PC/Computer 2020.

And as well as I will show you How to Root Android Without PC with the proper procedure. Furthermore, if you search on Google for Rooting Apps which none of them work well. So, as you know that there is a variety of Rooting Apps in the market. I have gathered 5 Best out of them which will work pretty incredible. Finding the best Rooting Apps is a pretty difficult task for new users. But no worries you will the proper app for rooting your Android without PC/Computer.

Advantages of Rooting Android Device

Obviously, if you want to root your Android Device then you have to be aware of its Advantages. It has pretty amazing advantages which will help the users in a better way. So, below you can read about its main advantages which you must know.

  • Full backups: As you might better know that with rooting an android phone, we can’t get the complete backups that we lost. Rooted phones have an app by the name titanium backup, which can completely and fully backups our Android device.
  • CPU clock: After rooting your Android phone then you can easily clock the CPU according to your usage of a daily basis. When you decrease the CPU frequency then it can expand the battery life of your Android Phone. There is an app by the name of the Kernel Auditor which allows the user in order to perform CPU cocking.
  • Installation of unsupported apps: There are a lot of super apps that require root in order to install or get access to that. That’s why most of the users root so that they should get their desired apps that are not allowed in unrooted phones. There are some apps that completely help the user in order to customize their phone and can tweak the system hardware & software.
  • Custom Roms: Custom Rom is also one of the main reason why most of the people root their Android phone. Custom ROMs are incredible way that allows the user to test the latest android versions even if your phone doesn’t recieve any latest update.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Device

Well, each and everything has side effects and disadvantages and the same rooting has a lot of disadvantages. You need to be aware of its disadvantages when you want to root. Read the below and get solid information.

  • Virus infections: When you download super apps after rooting your Android phone then some of them may contain harmful viruses that can damage your phone badly.
  • Security problems: Actually, rooting Android phones simply means losing the security of the phone. You need to be very careful before using banking apps. Because it can open the gate for the hacker.
  • Rooting voids Warranty: Most of the Android devices don’t allow rooting to their brand and void warranty after performing root. In this case, before performing root to your phone then you need to confirm your phone’s customer support.
  • Update Interruptions: Some of the users who root their Android phones face the problem of automatic updates. You will not get official update to your phone and you need to update your phone manually.

5 Best Rooting Apps to Root Android Without PC/Computer 2020

As you may search that there are several apps available all over the market which says that they can root Android without using a computer. Unfortunately, many of the apps contain viruses and malware which can damage your device badly. In fact, some of the rooting apps don’t work even to root any Android phone at all.

In this case, after researching and experimenting a lot of rooting apps, finally I have discovered 5 Best Rooting apps which will make your work easier and faster. Therefore, let’s discuss one by one each of them.

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1. KingRoot


When it comes to root Android Phone then KingRoot is pretty best and perfect for the users. It allows the users in order to Root the device just in one click. Well, it doesn’t; required any PC/Computer for rooting because this rooting app will complete each and everything just by one click. However, it is usually my first choice when I want to Root any Android Phone because it is totally free of cost and will perform its work safely. KingRoot has millions of downloads and incredible ratings overall. The main thing is that this app is completely compatible with every Android version.


  • KingRoot contains somewhat ads while using it.
  • It needs an internet connection for rooting the Android phone.
  • Not available in Play Store.


  • Downloading free of cost, no need to purchase it.
  • Somehow safe than other rooting apps.
  • It can root most of the Android phones (Android 2.2 to 5.0).
  • Rooting the Android with one click.
  • It will root the Android phone in a faster way.
  • Easy to use.
  • Even new users can use it.

How to Root Android Without PC using KingRoot?

  • First of all, you need to download and install KingRoot on your Android Phone.
  • Then, you need to click try to go to the primary interface.
  • Now, click on the get now and make sure to wait until it roots you Android.
  • When the process is finished, it will show that your device is rooted.

2. Framaroot


After the Kingo Root, we have one more rooting app by the name of Framaroot App. This app is also one of the best for one-click rooting of Android Device. It looks pretty simple in order to root any Android Device. Framaroot allows the users to root their phones without PC/Computer. And it is from well known or popular  Android Developer from XDA. It is one of the powerful and more technical than the Kingo Root app. You can use this app for rooting the newer version of Android Devices.

You are able to install Superuser by rooting your phone with the Rooting app. So, most of the people prefer it than the other Rooting apps. It is best for the newer versions but not older versions. Well, most of the time this rooting app can easily root your Android Device with an open bootloader. You can check that it has a good rate of rooting smartphones.


  • It required fast internet connection so that you can successfully root your device.
  • Unfortunately, it really doesn’t support the old Android versions lower than 4.0.
  • Some of the latest versions can’t be supported by Framaroot app.


  • It looks very simple but pretty powerful app at all.
  • Perform root in some easy steps.
  • Works for most of the devices.
  • Free of cost.
  • Professional app.
  • Not ads popup.
  • Inbuilt unroot feature.
  • Very easy to use.

How to Root Android Without PC using Framaroot?

  • At first, make sure to download and install Framaroot latest version.
  • Once done, open the app and install the SupeSU.
  • Then, you have to select Aragorn or Boromir exploit.
  • Now, you will see that your android is successfully rooted

3. One Click Root

One Click Root

This rooting app will also help the users for getting superuser access. You can understand by its name One Click Root which means that the users can perform root on their Android just by a click. This wonderful is very simple to use, especially for the newbie. Its easy and simple user interface make me compel in order to use it. It can root most of the Android Phone in just a click. And for the user who face problem while rooting, then it has live chat support if needed. That’s every person uses the app even if they got stuck then surely he/shew will live chat support.


  • It will show many ads while using,
  • Some Android devices can’t be root with this app.
  • Latest versions are out of support.
  • Needs faster internet connection to perform root.


  • Easy and simple to use even if you are new.
  • Totally free, no need to buy.
  • Clean user interface.
  • One click to root your Android
  • Friendly UI.
  • You can root without using PC/Computer

How to Root Android Without PC using One Click Root?

  • You need to download and install One Click Root on your Android phone.
  • Once done, open the app and click on the root device.
  • After that, click on the scan now so that it should check whether your phone is rootable or not.
  • If your phone is rootable then make sure to click on the Root button.
  • Wait until it should root your device.

4. KingoRoot

Root Android Without PC
Kingo Root

If none of them didn’t work then try the Kingo Root. Because Kingo Root is one of the popular and well known rooting app on Android phone. Whenever I try to root my Android phone then absolutely I will choose Kingo Root. Most of the users choose the Kingo Root blindly because it is somehow trusted. It is one of the fastest rooting app which will root the phone just by one click. It has a very easy user interface even everyone can try and enjoy it. Kingo Root supports almost of the mobile brand and also supports all versions of Android.

Well, most of the new users really can”t differentiate between KingRoot and KingoRoot. In fact, both of them are not the same because belong to the different owner. KingoRoot is more powerful than other rooting apps.


  • It contains ads on the lock screen.
  • Similar to other rooting apps, KingoRoot also required internet connection while rooting.


  • No need to purchase because it is free.
  • Fastest App to root Android in just a single click.
  • It roots almost all of the Android Devices.
  • KingoRoot supports the Nougat devices which is the latest device.
  • Simple and easy to use, especially for beginners.

How to Root Android Without PC using KingoRoot?

  • First of all, you need to download and install KingoRoot on your Android Device.
  • Once you have successfully installed it, then open the app and click on the One Click Root.
  • Then, you need to wait until it completes the 100% process, when done you will see a message Successfully rooted.
  • Reboot your Android Device and enjoy using it without any problem.

5. TowelRoot

Root Android Without PC

TowelRoot is also a great rooting app for users who want to get superuser access in a simple way. It is also good when you want to root your Android device without PC. TowelRoot is developed by George GeoHow, he was an American hacker. It hit the web with its new exploit and strong ability.


  • Some of the Samsung and HTC phones are not supported or bootable with TowelRoot.
  • It also needs internet connection to root any Android phone.


  • Like others app, it is also free of cost the users.
  • Safe and simple to use it.
  • You can root your Android with its official website too.
  • Powerful exploit to get the superuser access on the Android Phone.

Finishing Words

Finally, that’s all about 5 Best Rooting Apps to Root Android Without PC/Computer 2020. Well, if you are beginner then don’t try yourself if it seems difficult. Take it to any expert person so that you shouldn’t harm your device. I hope it helped you in order to choose the best and working rooting apps. If you choose one of these apps, I am pretty sure that you will get success. However, if you faced any kind of problem then don’t hesitate to leave comments in the comment section below. Have any questions or suggestions? drop a comment.


Hi, I am Azzaz Sheikh a passionate blogger. I am a tech lover guy who spends most of the time trying new things in the world of Technology. I love to discover latest material related to Technology and loves to share with you guys.

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