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10 Best Video Editors for Windows and Mac [ Updated 2021 ]

If you want to video editing then you need to which is the best video editing. Nowadays people need to see the best quality of the video. If you want to it professional video editing software o you need to have the best video editing. Video editing course will help you to understand the cutting and effect in the best way. From this article, you will learn 10 Best Video Editors for Windows and Mac [ Updated 2021 ]

If you have a channel on YouTube then you need to know video editing it is very important to know that. If you add effect and music then the people like your editing then your channel will grow. So, if you want to learn video editing ten go to YouTube there are several videos to know video editing. In video editing, you need to have an interest in video editing. If you want to choose the best video editing then there are 13 video editors. Then it depends on choice.

Best Video Editors for Windows and Mac

1. VideoProc


The VideoProc is free for download and it allows. If you download it for free then there are three pricing for windows or MAC. And the first one is one year license if you want to buy it then you need to pay $29.95. The second one is a lifetime license if you want to buy it then you need to pay $42.95. The third one is a family license if to want to buy it you need to pay $57.95. This VideoProc is very handy and easy to use. With the help of VideoProc, you can cut your video, resize, convert it.

Visit VideoProc Website

2. WonderShare Filmore

WonderShare Filmora

It has three kinds of pricing. The first is individual if you want to buy it then it starts at $39.9 per year. The second one is the business. The business plan starts at $155.88 for one user. This wondershare filmora is the very best software for editing. Basically, wondershare filmora supports Windows and MAC. Most of the famous youtube use this wondershare filmora.

Visit WonderShare Filmora

3. OpenShot


Moreover, OpenShot is a free video editing app with tons of great features. The application has a simple user interface that lets you create beautiful videos. With this app, you can edit unlimited tracks. The cross-platform video editor supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. likely the best feature of this app is slow motion and tip effects that are only found in pricy editing apps.

Here is OpenShot Website

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

This adobe premiere pro has three kinds of monthly subscriptions. The first one is for individuals $20.99. For business $33.99. For students and teachers $19.99. If you want to download it then it a free trial for 7 days. Adobe Premiere Pro can be used for professional video editing in Windows and Mac OS. The software was used for editing blockbusters such as Terminator DarkFate and Deadpool. The professional tool contains a plethora of features for films, movies, and song editing.

Website of Adobe Premiere Pro 3

5. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie

This apple iMovie is the best software for editing iPhone and MAC users. Then video software allows you to create professional video and the best high-quality 4 K. You can use the app to turn your home-made movies into impressive quality videos. If you want to download this then it free for downloading.

Website of Apple iMovie

6. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express

This another best video editing for video. This HitFilm Express is yet another free video editing app. alike to OpenShot, the application allows you to create professional-grade content. This app supports a lot of different features including color labels, titles and subtitles, and templates. This software is available is on Windows and MAC. This software is free for download.

Website of HitFilm Express

7. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector

It has also a subscription to the lifetime license for $99.99 to $129.99. and the annual subscription is $69.99 to $129.99. If you want to download it then it a free trial for 30 days. Cyberlink Power Director has many good advanced features with fast rendering. The Windows software can load effects much quickly when compared to most other video editing tools.

Website of CyberLink PowerDirector

8. VideoPad


This VideoPad has two kinds of subscriptions. The first one is a lifetime license subscription is $60 to $99. The second one is annual subscriptions for these subscriptions $69.99 to $129.99. In this software is available a free trial. However, VideoPad lets you easily edit clips and create high-quality videos in windows and MAC. You can use the video software for creating appealing videos. This VideoPad is edit for you to stream very fast and quickly.

Visit Website of VideoPad

9. Blender


This the best software and best performance if you want to download this software then it supports Mac, Windows, or Linux. With the help of this software, you can give your video the best effect, sound, animated films. and 3D apps. If you want to download this app then it’s free it doesn’t have any subscription.

Visit the Website of Blender

10. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

This software is a paid subscription you need to pay $99.99. If you want to install it then it has a free trial for 30 days. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is a feature-laden video editing software for Windows. The video editing software is smooth and has a large selection of video effects. You can use the software to create 4K Ultra HD videos, 3D animations, VR, and 360-degree videos.

Visit Website of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

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Bottom Line

It was all about 10 Best Video Editors for Windows and Mac [ Updated 2021 ]. Here 10 best video editors if you want to best video editors then this article is helpful for you to find the best video editors. I hope after reading this article you will get something about video editors. So if you are faced with any kind of problem and if you have any suggestions then go down leave your comment.


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