TV Varzish HD New BISS Keys Fix TV Channel in 2022

This guide will show TV Varzish HD New BISS Keys in 2022. Basically, BISS stands for Basic Interoperable Scrambling System. But is well by the name of BISS. It is a satellite signal scrambling system developed by the European Broadcasting Union and a consortium of hardware manufacturers. Most of the people facing this common problem with their TV Dish like the channels become scrambled by the children or automatically. Don’t worry we are going to show you the easiest solution to enjoy your new BISS. But before going ahead, you need to know and get some information about TV Varzish, and also you will get HD New BISS Keys.

TV Varzish HD New BISS Keys

However, TV Varzish is Tajikistan’s national sports channel which is especially for Sports. At the first, it was aired on 18th July 2012. This TV channel is the most famous and well-known channel in Tajikistan, in the Middle East, and also in Central Asia. However, if you are a sports lover and want to watch any kind of Sport in high quality then this channel is great for you.

This channel airs Tajikistan’s national sport and festival. You can watch the top 5 European sports leagues such as La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, Ligue 1, and also Champions League. TV Varzish offers you a complete sports package.

List of Tajikistan’s National Channels

  1. Tajikistan TV
  2. Safina
  3. Bahoristan
  4. Varzish TV
  5. Futbol
  6. Jahonamo
  7. Sinamo


  • Biss Key : 01 A0 3B DC 20 C1 6D 4E

How to Enter BISS Keys on Varzish TV

  • On your remote, you will see buttons in different colors. Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue.
  • You have to press the Green button which is written GOTO.
  • Then, enter your BISS Keys.
  • Once you have entered the BISS Keys then press the yellow button.


This was all about TV Varzish HD New BISS Keys in 2022. I hope you have clearly the BISS Keys and enjoy watching your favorite channel. If you have any problem or question then don’t hesitate to leave comments in the comment section down below.


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