Top 5 Ways to Save Your FB Ad Account from BAN

Save Your FB Ad Account from BAN in 5 Ways

Social networks have literally become a new reality. People spend almost all their free time looking for job opportunities and finding friends and love there. So, it’s not surprising that major corporations have actively transferred their advertisement to these platforms for the last few years, preferring them to traditional TV and radio. Save Your FB Ad Account from BAN

Suppose you have something to offer for sale and wonder how to make it faster and easier. In that case, we’d recommend you choose Facebook as your prime source because this social network takes the leading position in the number of subscribers and the annual advertisement turnover. Besides, the social network concept allows you to start an ad account.

What Problems Can You Face?

Though everything looks quite simple, Facebook often amazes us with the combination of contradictory features as it is the best ad platform in the world with the broadest set of ad tools. Users can program targeting settings with surgical precision. Besides, studies prove that the FB audience is more solvent than other social networks’ users.

But at the same time, there is always a threat of your ad account being banned at any moment. Facebook is ready to block your account with the slightest fraud suspicion. If it decides that your ad policy interferes with ordinary users and harms their comfort, you won’t stand it.

This problem is excruciating for private and small advertisers since the platform primarily focuses on large corporations, which can bring millions of dollars. So, no one will feel sorry for losing a couple of your ad dollars. And believe us, getting into the ban list is not difficult at all. It’s enough to choose the wrong settings, and the company’s algorithms will ban you without any explanations.

This is why we decided to put down the top 5 ways to save your FB ad account from the ban in this article. The tips we will discuss below are partly the result of many years of experience, real users’ reviews, and some inside information.

Why Can FB Ban Your Account?

Why Can FB Ban Your Account

Let’s briefly list the most popular Facebook ban causes to realize the protection measures we can fulfill.

So, there are two types of account ban:

  • An automatic ban when blocking is initiated by the robot algorithms. Such a ban often happens if you perform unusual account actions like starting an ad with a high daily budget;
  • A manual ban when the account is blocked by the FB employee after a deep account actions analysis. It is a more just type of banning since it follows some network rules violations or other users’ complaints.

There are also many reasons why a ban can come from the system. The most common causes of autoblocks are:

  • you run several accounts through one browser;
  • you log in to your account from different countries, IP addresses, and VPNs;
  • the system notices an unusual increase in your advertising expenses;
  • inconsistency of your page with the advertisement;
  • inactivity for a long time;
  • advertising of prohibited goods;
  • cooperation with banned or blacklist accounts;
  • violation of copywriting;
  • complaints about your ad;
  • redirecting users to another site from your account; 
  • the name on your bank card is different from your FB name;
  • you’re using someone else’s card or blacklist card;
  • you fulfill unsuccessful attempts to write off funds from your account.

Below, we’d like to mention several tips to help you avoid such unpleasant and unfair bans. Indeed, they do not guarantee that your FB ad account will be perfectly safe from blocks. But they can help you not make typical ad mistakes and increase your reliability in the FB eyes.

№1 – Get Informed with the Facebook Advertising Policy

Most users neglect this fundamental rule, which is why accounts are blocked so often. Reading Facebook ToS (Terms of Service) will take you no more than 10 minutes. However, this document will help you better understand what you can and should not do. Anyway, this is a basic strategy – you can act aggressively and earn thousands of dollars for a couple of days until you’re banned forever or observe the rules and make modest daily proceeds for decades.

№2 – Check Your Domain and Use Unique IP

Always check your domain as it may be on the Facebook blacklist. Facebook Tools may help you with this. However, if your domain is in the list, you won’t be able to make a single action.

You can also increase your domain reliability by adding the following Facebook pages:

  • Terms of Service (which we’ve already mentioned);
  • Privacy Policy;
  • Refunds and Returns;
  • Shipping and Delivery;

Thus, you’ll automatically look like a more trusted seller/advertiser who follows the rules and provides decent customer support.

We also strongly recommend you log in to your account from the IP address you’re going to work with later. If you run several FB ad accounts, make a list of IPs for each and never login from foreign IP. This is equally true for VPN services if you use some.

Here, we’d also like to mention that if you work with your account while traveling, it’s better to avoid it or act highly carefully. This is because constant changes in countries and IP addresses provoke the same suspicions as with credit cards. But, again, the company wants to make sure it’s you who uses the service.

№3 – Never Use Other People’s or Old Content

Please keep from uploading previously used advertising videos on a new account. Facebook artificial intelligence immediately detects that this text and picture have already been depicted on other accounts. Instead, try to use your own creatives or significantly change the original content to make it look fresh. For example, change the text, video structure, color scheme, and music. These actions will prevent FB from banning your ad account and attract more visitors to your page. 

№4 – Learn What and How You Can or Cannot Advertise

Like most trusted sources, Facebook prohibits advertising and even mentions casinos, adult content, and drugs (even legal ones). Moreover, some categories of goods are allowed for advertising but with definite limitations. For example, if you advertise alcohol or tobacco products, please remember that FB will show it only to users over 21. In addition, there may be additional restrictions concerning the products’ visualization.

How you’re going to advertise your goods is another crucial moment. Do not promise your customers quick diets and immediate healing from wrinkles, stretch marks, baldness, etc. Also, avoid too extravagant clickbait headings. Facebook algorithms track the whole glossary of words and phrases that can make you look like an aggressive or untrusted marketer.  

And stay within the borders of netiquette. Any impolite, harmful, or simply wrong word can cause some user’s complaints. So, we’re all adults here, and we should understand how important words can be.

№ 5 – Set the Ad Expenses Limits and Develop Gradually

We’ve already understood that all unusual actions look suspicious on Facebook and provoke banning. Constant drops and rises in account activity, number of posts, and amount of money spent on advertising are these very suspicious actions. Try to adhere to one intensity in your advertisement. It’s better to start with small expenses and gradually develop your sales later.

If you’ve just started your ad account, please be careful with your first actions. It’s just like with people – the first expression is extremely important. For the first several months, Facebook will follow you attentively, considering whether it can trust you or not..


We’ve covered some basic guidelines on how to reduce the likelihood of FB ad account banning and how to Save Your FB Ad Account from BAN. Of course, we hope your account will never get into blacklists. But if something goes wrong, it’s not a catastrophe yet. If you have not violated the Facebook advertising policy, your page will be unblocked within three days. Also, in case of trouble, try to use Anti-detect browsers that help hide your browser fingerprints and make you look like a new user.

We hope these tips will be of use to you. Stay honest with your customers and FB platform, and your business will succeed.


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