Is Tik Tok Useful For Us Or Useless?

Welcome to another article, I am going to tell you about Is Tik Tok Useful For Us Or Useless?. As you all know that tik tok becomes one of the most popular application. Nowadays everyone using this application more then 310millions people are using right now. Therefore, the kids and young people are addicts of this app because they are publishing videos and everyone is busy with that video. So they are not aware of the app that is it useful or useless for them. But don’t worry I will tell the advantages and disadvantages of tik tok and besides that some information you should get about the tik tok application. 

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What is tik tok?

So, tik tok is a mobile app that allows the user to make a short clip of their own face. Music will be played in the background and the creator should act like that music and the speed up, slow, and you can use filter also to make your video attractive. And you can record for 10 or 15 seconds of video then you can publish that. 

Tik tok is launched in China in September 2016. It is known as douiyn. And read more information about tik tok below.

Developed by: ByteDance.

Release date: 29th September 2018.

Available in: 34 languages.

License: Freeware.

Operating System: Android and iOS.

Is Tik Tok Useful For Us Or Useless?

Reason to release tik tok application:

The founder of this tik tok app released the app because he wants to take the kids away from study. Especially he wants to busy the Muslim people from praying and education in order to not get succeed. As we all know nowadays in Muslims countries it is very popular. Other countries are not using this app because they know the value of time that is why they are improving. And the founder of the app is completed his wish. So let’s know about the advantages and disadvantages of the tik tok app.

Advantages of Tik Tok:

Let’s talk about some advantages of tik tok also. So it is mostly used by people for fun. They are making short videos and share it with their followers for getting comments and like and they want to famous by this tik tok app. It seems very enjoyable and amazing if you use it when you are free. Therefore, there will be a variety of background music and the people will act only. So it has a lot of advantages I shared with you which I have seen and observe them.

Disadvantages of Tik Tok:

I have told you the advantages of tik tok. So, it is time to tell you about the disadvantages of tik tok app. People are wasting their time for making such a useless video and they think that they will be famous no you are wasting valuable time. I think it is very shameless for those who are making the video in order to be an actor. And it does not have any good because they are hitting the book, education, jobs away. I request to don’t let your child use delete it from there because in order to read the books to get information so that they will be open-minded. So it was all my experience which I shared with you guys.


I hope you are now aware of the advantages and disadvantages of tik tok app. So it with your friends let know as well. Daily visit my website for the best tech learning point.


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