Positive and Negative Effects of TikTok

In this article, we are going to talk about the positive and negative effects of Tiktok. So, Tiktok ( formerly known as is a creative app and the founder of this app is Zhang Yimming. It becomes the most downloaded app on the internet today. It has become the world’s most popular sharing video. ByteDance owns this app. It is a video sharing platform where you can share your content videos and legal videos. It is used for short lip sync, comedy, acting, and talent videos.

In addition. this app allows the user to make videos that often with features of background, slow-motion, speed up and editing with filter. Due to the increase in the popularity of this app among teenagers and youth, Tiktok has achieved a high rating in the google play store Tik Tok has 500 million active users. Tik Tok has proven that it attracts the younger generation. 90% of youngsters use this app on a daily basis.

Positive and Negative Effects of TikTok
Positive and Negative Effects of TikTok

Positive and Negative Effects of TikTok

TikTok Overview:

TikTok is sharing a video app in which there is lip-sync. or acting to popular songs and dialogues. It was launched in September 2016 and It is found by Zhang Yimming in 2012 and it is developed by the ByteDance company. This app has available 40 languages. Thia among the apps which have millions of users and a high range of downloads. This becomes one of the popular apps on play store today. With more than 1 billion of views of videos per day. ByteDance spent 1 billion on the expansion of this app.

The positive effect of Titktok:

Tiktok provided a high scale of benefits to its users. some of the benefits are as below. You need to see both effects and decide which reason effects you on a daily basis. It has both effects negative and positive too, it depends on you how you use this app. Have a look at below in order to see the negative and positive effects of TikTok.

virtuous entertainment:

Tik Tok is an application that delivers unique and interesting special effects that users can easily use so they can create short duration videos. Certainly, The main advantages of the Tiktok app are that it provided a wide range of entertainment. With this app, they can dance, act, and expand their friends’ networks. This app convinces video sharing which is real, raw and without any border.

prompt publicity:

Tiktok is a great app for people who want to be famous among people without any special talent or skill. This app allows every single person to make a short video and upload it and gain publicity among society. So, you don’t require to have any special equipment to make great videos. The content that you make have possibilities that connect other users to see your video and become viral.

The negative effect of TikTok:

Furthermore, using any social network can be risky, and here are the disadvantages of Tiktok:

Used as a harassment tool:

Tiktok users misuse this app. But, it is as well possible for kids to use it safely with adult supervision. The misuser of this app uses this app as social harassment that they make fun of people, community, and religion, etc. Recently, they uploaded that had made fun of religion where people pray with hilarious dance that made fun of Islam.

Waste of time:

Unnecessarily, people waste a lot of time spent on making videos. the time that they put o making videos when steeped on learning, knowledge or any skill can be considered to them in their future. In place of focusing on studies, life, sports and especially their golden years are wasted in this senseless app. Moreover, everyone wants to be perfect even if it is in Tiktok. And, once they get it perfect they want to make more videos. Thus. they get addicted and they will give more time for their videos for being perfect which makes them happy. And, they want to feel that happiness again and again.

Deficient content:

It is yet not clear why people using this app consider themselves as an actor that they act quite well. All they do is repeating the same dialogues. This is one of those apps which is great on overdoing. People are making such stupid videos and the audience watching them daily and even encourage them for their videos. Likely, The audience even gets so possessive that they become die fan of the users and follow them on network sites.

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  • Final words:

What you decide is what you will do. So, it was all about the positive and negative effects of Tiktok. I hope you got something from this article. Meanwhile, if you found a


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