Newor Media Review 2022 – Best AdSense Alternative to Boost Revenue

In this era, everyone is looking forward to finding an online job because it has a passive income. I think blogging is also one of the greatest ways to work online. But as a blogger, we try hard to find an ad network in order to monetize the blog and start earning money.

 However, in the world of the internet, you will find many ad networks and if you try Newor Media once then you will forget any other ad network because it gives really good revenue.

Ads offer easy, low-maintenance, and passive income to earn from the blog. Everyone likes it because with the passage of time the earning gets increased in a case when you choose the right ad network. 

Currently, Newor Media is a popular AdSense alternative that can more than double your revenue. Know more about Newor Media by scrolling down.

Newor Media Review 2022
Newor Media

What is Newor Media?

Newor Media is a full-service ad management solution that supports header bidding. Header bidding is the advanced programmatic technique of selling ads to a large stack of advertisers, versus one pool like networks do. As a result, publishers get increased demand and higher payouts for their units. Newor prides itself on revenue maximization while balancing website speed and user experience. 

Newor Media has created a reliable earning calculator. It allows users to calculate the estimated earnings when working with them through a form available on their Earnings Calculator Webpage page. Please keep in mind it only gauges what you could be making based on similar websites they work with.

Newor Media VS AdSense: 

Newor Media is a well-ad management platform that provides a header-biding solution. Also, it works similar to AdSense, but it has some improvements which are really beneficial for publishers. Let’s discuss some of the differences to know more about Newor Media.

Unlike AdSense, Newor is an ad management platform. So, they offer:

  •  Revenue-generating solutions such as ad refresh, lazy loading, and rich media ads
  •  The ability to blacklist/whitelist advertisers 
  • A consent management platform (for pesky data + privacy protection laws)
  • Ad layout optimization: It is pretty different from other ad networks. In Newor Media, you can use manual adjustment and machine learning for ad optimization. You can easily optimize the ad layout in Newor Media for a better experience.
  • Ad-block revenue recovery: As a publisher, it really hurts when someone uses an ad blocker plugin for the platform. You might have seen that most of the users use an ad blocker in their web browser. Therefore, Newor Media offers a free ad blocker for the publisher to filter which kinds of ads to be displayed. AdSense charges for this and stops displaying all ads to those users. Which means you lose out on a lot of revenue. 

Newor Media + AdSense 

Newor Media does not hold publishers to contracts or exclusivity. As a result, they can work alongside other networks—even AdSense. If you choose to add them to your AdSense account you get:

  • Their competitive network stack integrated into your website
  • Full access to their features + solutions 
  • A diversified revenue stream: AdSense is known for unexplained account bans that result in publishers losing their monetization. 
  • Access to CPM earnings: AdSense uses a CPC revenue model, which can be difficult for publishers to earn with. However, Newor can implement CPM ads in places where publishers have poor-performing ad units. So long as a publisher has decent traffic, they’ll earn more. 

Pros and Cons of Newor Media

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, you should know. All ad networks come with their benefits and drawbacks.


  • Payment Guarantee: Newor Media offers NET30 payment term, and have a low payment threshold, and easily withdraw through PayPal, Payoneer, or Wire Transfer.
  • Customer Support: Every publisher will be given a dedicated account that helps support from implementation.
  • Analytics and Reports Dashboard: You will find an amazing reporting dashboard that is very user-friendly and provides up-to-date reports.
  • Access to Google Ad Exchange: Ad units are auctioned with the best 30+ premium partners and Google’s ad exchange.


  • Ad Limits: In order to maintain user experience, they only allow a maximum of 6 ads. And some publishers can use more if they want.

Requirements to join Newor Media

Signing up in Newor Media is really simple and easy, before joining the publishers should know about the criteria and requirements. The requirements are:

  • The blog must have 30,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Websites should be in the English language.
  • Most of your traffics should be from the USA.
  • Websites shouldn’t contain illegal content like gambling, drugs, sex, guns, etc.

Is Newor Media Credible? 

You might have seen that every time we will find and want to try that which will definitely waste the publisher’s time. It is really embarrassing when the ad network hides the payouts. It is really important to know about the ad network and whether they are working alongside an authentic and credible partner.

Newor Media is an award-winning, Google-certified ad management platform. It Reviews and case studies deem it more than credible. It’s high-quality, and its popularity is ever-growing. I recommend you to give it a try and know more about its amazing features.


How much does the service cost to use? 

Newor Media does not have a service charge like other platforms. It is completely free to use and sign up as a publisher to earn money.

What are the requirements to join? 

Traffic requirement of 30,000 unique impressions per month. Website majority US traffic and English-speaking. No borderline content — sex, drugs, gambling, and guns. – Does Newor Media only monetize US traffic? 

Newor Media has demand for various traffic goes and will monetize traffic that is not only US traffic. They only require that your traffic be mainly in the US to help maximize earnings from their partnerships. 

Do Newor Media’s ads only come from Google? 

No. Newor Media is a Google partner for AdX but has many other partnerships. They run their auction across all their partnerships so, essentially they make Google AdX and 30+ premium partners compete for your ad units. Like this, you may earn good money from your blog.

How to Withdraw payment from Newor Media?

They offer different kinds of payment methods such as PayPal, Wire transfer, Payoneer, etc.

Are they trusted in Payouts?

The direct answer is yes. Newor Media will send the payment every month which looks very professional. They will issue the payment in your selected payment method. Newor Media Review 2022

Final Words

It was all about Newor Media Review 2022 – Best AdSense Alternative to Boost Revenue. If any publisher is seeking to boost their website revenue and needs more than a simple ad network like AdSense, then Newor Media will be there. I hope you will join this ad network and start earning good money. However, if you have any questions about Newor Media then feel free to ask via the comment section, we try to respond as soon as possible. Newor Media Review 2022

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