How Can LoRa Tracking System Be Used for Large Cargo Goods?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen significant disruptions and gaps in the supply chain and logistics industries. These industries have faced lots of challenges. But luckily, lots of emerging technologies have come to save them. LoRa Tracking System

It’s essential to track highly valued assets or goods in transit. For this, we need smart and affordable technology. Luckily, LoRa Tracking system has both of these attributes and is a perfect technology for smart supply chains and logistics. 

So, in this article, we’ll discuss how LoRa works in the supply chain and logistics industry and what benefits it offers. Stick around with us to get all the valuable information. 

Brief Introduction of LoRa

It stands for Long Range. This wireless technology is excellent for long-range communications. and have a low data rate. GPS-free location and low-power consumption capabilities make it ideal for supply chain and logistics industries. It can help monitor and track large cargo, assets, and vehicles within harsh environments and large geographic regions. 

How LoRaWAN Works and Why Is It Valuable Technology for Supply Chain?

LoRaWAN is a networking protocol that uses the LoRa modulation technique. LoRa devices and receivers are embedded into end nodes. Sensors are responsible for capturing and transmitting data to gateways.

Moreover, they’re capable of sharing data over a long distance. They use the wireless network for data transmission. Finally, gateways share this information with a network server. The network server then shares information with each application or device. 

LoRaWAN is an affordable technology and the perfect option for smart supply chains and logistics. It can help track assets that are in transit or storage. There were 148 LoRaWAN network operators in 162 countries in 2022 (According to LoRa Alliance). But the good news is its network coverage is expanding globally and continuously.

Smart supply chain and logistics industries should adapt to LoRa technology. 

Applications and Uses of LoRa Technology in Supply Chain and Logistics

As mentioned earlier, along with other industries, LoRa-based solutions are widely used in supply chain and logistics. So, let’s talk about the applications of LoRa in the smart supply chain. 

Asset Tracking

LoRa technology has Geolocation capabilities. So it can help track and monitor assets. Moreover, it can improve inventory management, enhance operational efficiency, and prevent theft. LoRa provides long-range coverage, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor tracking. 

Improved Facility Management

IoT-based solutions are helpful for facility management. When using LoRa technology for facility management, you need to consider three factors, such as device size, cost, and battery life. This modern technology can help monitor water leak detection, temperature, and humidity in the warehouse. 

Moreover, LoRa-based platforms help improve warehouse data accuracy and logistic efficiency, enhance the visibility of physical space, and reduce operational costs and time. 

Monitor Energy Usage

LoRa-based sensor devices are used for collecting data of an appliance’s energy usage. Moreover, it provides the on/off status and location of the device in real-time. Business owners can use this data to analyze energy costs and how to make appliances energy efficient. 

So, when IoT applications are equipped with LoRa technology, they can provide actionable data to customers. As a result, they can monitor power consumption and reduce energy wastage. As a result, they can reduce their monthly bills. 

Cold Chain Tracking

It’s an excellent application of LoRa wireless technology in the retail food industry. A temperature-controlled supply chain is called a cold chain. With this feature, the food industry can monitor food and increase its shelf life. LoRa-based sensor devices help create a secure environment for food in storage and shipping journeys. 

The key capabilities of LoRa devices make them ideal for cold chain asset tracking. Along with the retail food industry, this technology helps handle medical products. As you know, some medications require refrigerated storage. Therefore, it’s necessary to create a reliable environment that doesn’t affect the integrity of the product. 

As mentioned above, LoRa technology can help monitor and control water leaks, temperature, and humidity in the cold chain. 

Applications of LoRa Tracking System in Smart Logistics 

Let’s discuss some applications of LoRa in logistics. 

Large Cargo and Shipping Container Tracking

LoRa tracking systems are much needed for the global logistics industry. It can help track large cargo goods in an open field, maritime, air, ground, and shipping. LoRa-based wireless sensors can help monitor the condition of vehicles, Geolocation, fuel efficiency, cargo, and environmental metrics. 

Data collected by sensors can be used for various tasks such as conducting preventive maintenance, reducing manpower, managing shipping operations, and reducing waste and cost. 

Auto Security and Parking

LoRa technology is cheap, low-power, and easy to deploy. That’s why it’s widely used in auto-security deployment. It’s helpful technology for parking lot management. Moreover, LoRa sensors are used in car trackers to alert owners when a vehicle is lost or goes out of range. 

LoRa-Based Location Tracking

IoT solutions equipped with LoRa technology can help track bicycles. Bicycles are equipped with a LoRa tracking system that contain sensors for transmitting data via the cloud to the online application. As a result, the operators can pinpoint the location of a bicycle. 

These modern solutions are also used to recover stolen cargo or vehicles. Government and law enforcement agencies use this technology to recover lost or stolen vehicles. 

So, like other industries, LoRa-based solutions are helpful in smart supply chains and logistics. 


In the end, we can conclude that LoRa technology is helpful in most fields of supply chain and logistics. LoRa solutions provide lots of benefits. So, if you’re searching for companies to help you with LoRa design services, you can contact Arshon Technology Inc. We have a team of experts who can design the best solutions for your requirements. 

Moreover, we use high-level technologies to provide services to various industries. Supply chain and logistic industries can contact us to get customized solutions for your business needs. Our professional services can help you enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. So, for what are you waiting?

Author: Anna Mohammadlou IoT Hardware Designer at Arshon Technology Inc.


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