How To Hack WiFi Using Android Phones

How To Hack WiFi Using Android Phones. You have always heard about some people who can hack wifi networks, and you might have wished to know such things too. Well, we have that information that can help you hack wifi networks, so keep reading deeply!

How To Hack WiFi Using Android Phones.

In the world of technology, where everything is as distant as a touch of your finger on your phone, WiFi plays a very important role. We have been so obsessed with the internet that without our phone and computer we feel like we have lost something. Sometimes, the worst feeling you can have is due to internet connection. When you have an internet connection, you feel like you need nothing more, and when you don’t have internet, you feel incomplete, which is the most irritating feeling of all.

How To Hack WiFi Using Android Phones

Well, I have good news for you. Hacking a WiFi network is not a difficult task it is very easy just read carefully. The things you need to hack WiFi is a little bit of luck, the right application or software for it, and the knowledge to use that App.

Another good news for you is that I am going to show you the process of hacking WiFi network step by step. So are you ready to hack the WiFi?

Step 1: You can’t install it from the play store. I will provide you the link. download it

Hack WiFi Network In Android
install it from given button

 Wait until it should be installed. After installing open the app.

Step 2: As I mentioned before that you need a little bit of luck too for this task. You have to search for the WiFi networks named as PTCL, if you live in Pakistan since it won’t work with other networks ( This method can be used in all over the world on the networks. Whose passwords are still defaulting and they haven’t changed it). And you are assured that there is no way you can hack a secured WiFi network unless you are an expert and devoted hacker who use advanced machines like Kali Linux or other Rooted devices because every sort of hacking first starts with entering the network, which means, first, you have to hack the WiFi routers, which are surely protected by WPA/WPA2 encryptions.

Hack WiFi Network In Android.

Hack WiFi

This window gives you the detail about that particular network. Confusing? Well, there is no need to as we only have to focus on BSS configuration.

Step 3: After finding the ptcl then copy the BSS number.

Hack WiFi
Hack WiFi

Step 4: Now copy the last 8 number without the : and write spelling as a capital letter.

Hack WiFi

Step 5: When it is done then simply click on the connect.

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You are a hacker now. This method works for most of the networks. I have tried it myself to hack the ptcl wifi, but there might be some possibilities that you may fail. And it happens just because the routers default password is changed manually.

Let us know what methods and apps you use to hack WiFi Networks in the comment section below.


If you face any kind of problem then comment down below to solve your problem as soon as possible.


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