How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment 2020

Nowadays in 2020 everybody has a question that How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment 2020 but they are not sure how to earn. Is it possible? yes, of course, it is 100% possible and there are many ways to earn money online from without investment. After reading the way in today’s article you will be aware of earning online money. Actually, online earning means you have a Laptop or Computer and the most important which is the Internet you must have. And there are a lot of companies and websites which offer various kind of work related to the Information Technolgy (IT). Therefore, I will explain each and everything that what information and knowledge are required and important to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment.

Therefore, Earning online money needs the skill of the computer and needs a particular field and expertise to start an online job. So, everyone has different skills like logo designing, web designing, User Interference, and content writing, etc. But we have some people in Pakistan actually don’t know what is logo designing and web designing. So, again they can work from comfort and ease, etc. If you have good writing skill so, you can also do the job of content writing on many websites. And you should English language or basic English for communicating with international clients. If once you get all these basic ideas, then let’s discuss some place where you can Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment 2019.

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment 2019
How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment 2019

1. Earn Online Money with YouTube Channel:

Many people are earning online money now from their YouTube Channel. You can monetize your channel so that you can start earning money. YouTube has the video creator its partnership. Monetization will allow you to show google advertisement so, through advertisement, you will be able to earn money. You have to upload entertaining and informative videos in order to attract people to t your video. As much your views of video will be increased that much you will earn money. You need to open YouTube then sign up with your Gmail account. That account will be your YouTube Channel account.

Therefore, as you all know YouTube is one of the popular platforms. In here you can find the solution to every problem in any field if you have got any problem. If you want to make a YouTube related to solving the problem then surely you will high income from YouTube.

2. Earn Online Money with

There are many chances to earn money online without investment and one of the famous and popular platforms to start earning money. In this platform, there are many jobs for different skills related to each and everything. I the category of freelancing there are many people where they add their demands and tasks for every skill you have. If you have a good rating then there will be a chance to get a job. When you want to register yourself in freelancer then surely you will not have a rating. That’s why getting a job is somehow difficult to give you. So, not to worry there is contest option for the new worker. In the contest the client will choose your work according to your skill and latent then you can surely win the contest without taking tension.

Therefore, in freelancer, there are many options to work. Choose the work from below related to your skill and talent then start earning money online without any investment.

  • Web Designing.
  • Web Developing.
  • Logo Designing.
  • Content Writing.
  • Data Entry.
  • Sales and Marketing.
  • It, Websites and Software.
  • Accounting and Business.
  • Mobile Phones.
  • Media and Architecture.

3. Earn Money Online by Teaching without Investment:

You can also earn online money by teaching on a different platform. There are many websites which you can make videos and upload them there with its price so, educational have more value on these websites. You can make videos photoshop, web designing, building websites, etc and upload them. The website which allows teaching for the worldwide which are Udemy, Teachable and Skillshare and many more. And if you make videos and teach them in a good way then it will have more values.

So, these three websites are very useful and have too many advantages in fo teaching online all over the world. You can also buy courses for yourself to make a skill online. Start from now and teach them to get higher income. If you have not visited these websites ever then I strongly recommend you to visit it because there is many videos which is free cost you can watch and learn.

4. Earn Money Online with Blogging:

Most of the Pakistani people are blogging which have handsome income. Bloggers use various idea and write a unique one and informative for the visitors. So, all the blogger write an article and then they will SEO which Search Engine Optimisation through this the article will reach to the visitors from the Google search. If you SEO your article in a proper way then you will get more visitor through too many visitors you will be able to earn more money. When your blog generating too many traffics then you can add Google Adsense to your blog easily. Therefore, if your blog has amazing articles for solving the problems of people then you can earn hundreds of dollar per month. And remember one thing if you got more visitors then you will more money which you have not to think about that.


Online earning is very easy if your hard work for that you need to have the patience for the work. In online earning you may face thousands of problems and difficulties and be active don’t let the problems and difficulties demotivate and backward you. Your hard work will take yours toward success which will motivate to work harder. Therefore, start your work right now and start making online and try to contribute all over the world also. However, if you have any suggestion and question related to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment 2019 feel free to ask through the comment box below.


Hi, I am Azzaz Sheikh a passionate blogger. I am a tech lover guy who spends most of the time trying new things in the world of Technology. I love to discover latest material related to Technology and loves to share with you guys.

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