Download Android 11 “R” Beta Version For Pixel Devices – Direct Links

In this article, Download Android 11 “R” Beta Version For Pixel Devices – Direct Links. So, Android 11 is also known as Android R. You can also call it Android 11 but Android R sounds good and well. Up to now, the official version is not released yet. We have to be ready with its Beta Version which is free of cost.

We will have one amazing operating system by the name of Android R which will have outstanding features and updates. Fortunately, the previous year we had Android 10 which most of the people liked. So, Android 11 placed it in 2020. Beta version will have some bugs and problems because it is under process now, and also the developers are working in order to fix that and also the official version will be kicked out. Before the official version should be out, people are really curious to use and try it. That’s why we will give you the direct link to its beta version. And also you can use it on Windows PC through Android Studio without any problem and risk.

However, I really don’t recommend you install it with Beta version, because it may have many bugs and errors which won’t let you use properly. But if you really wish to use then feel free to install it by direct links. As I said that its preview mode has lots of bugs, but you can check and use it as a developer view just by the Beta Version, And you won’t have only the link to download the beta version but also much more details about Android 11.

Download Android 11 "R" Beta Version For Pixel Devices - Direct Links
Download Android 11 “R” Beta Version For Pixel Devices – Direct Links

Android 11 “R” Features

  • New refresh rate overlay developer option looks like Fraps: On Android 11, you can trigger an overlay that shows your current refresh rate — useful for things like debugging issues with the new super-smooth high refresh rate displays. Also, it looks kind of like Fraps.
  • Built-in screen recording: It’s still a bit buggy, but the built-in screen recording first revealed (then disabled) back with Android 10 is back as of the first Android 11 release.
  • Context-aware Bluetooth airplane mode: If you’re playing music over Bluetooth headphones and you toggle airplane mode, then — gasp — Bluetooth won’t turn off, and your headphones will continue to get tunes. That’s one of the biggest travel frustrations eliminated. (Technically, this is a modification to an existing feature, but it’s a big enough deal that I do not care.)
  • Bubble notifications are back: Teased back in Android 10, chat head-style “bubble” notifications are in Android 11, giving you big icon-like non-transparent obstructions to deliver immediate notice of messages and other content.
  • “Battery share” hints at reverse charging for Pixel 5: A hidden detail in the first Android 11 release shows a new “battery share” feature for reverse charging other devices using your phone — probably wirelessly, like with Samsung’s Wireless Powershare. If they’re adding it now, there’s a decent chance we’ll see it debut with a future Pixel.
  • Shows you your headphones’ Bluetooth codec support: Rather than trusting spec sheets or sniffing around with Wireshark, Android 11 simply shows you which audio codecs your headphones support (via a developer options codec selection menu).
  • Notification History: Google’s working on a new way to view past notifications as part of the overall notification revamp in Android 11.

Below Devices will Support Android 11 “R”

You have to keep in mind that not every device can support Android 11. So, if you don’t wait until the official version releases then you need to have the device should support. Therefore, there some devices that they can support Android 11 developer mode.

  • Pixel 4 Xl
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL

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Download Android 11 “R” Beta Version For Pixel Devices – Direct Links

If you really wish to go with developer mode then your device will be at risk, because it has too many bugs and errors. So, make sure to click on the below link and download that directly.

Final Words

That’s all about Download Android 11 “R” Beta Version For Pixel Devices – Direct Links. I hope these links will help you to download the Android 11 Beta Version. If you have any problem, question, and suggestion then feel free to leave comments.


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