Best Free Cloud Storage & Online Drives [2021 Update]

Sometimes you have important files or images then you want to need to save them in a safe place. When you search on google or YouTube for the best cloud storage & online drives then you will find many websites or software after that you will confuse that is the best to save your file. Don’t worry I will find the top 5 best free cloud storage that you can easily select the software or website you want. If you want to find the best free cloud storage then you need to read this article. So, without wasting any time let’s get has started. From this article, you will learn Best Free Cloud Storage & Online Drives [2021 Update].

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Best Free Cloud Storage & Online Drives [2021 Update]

1. IceDrive

Best Free Cloud Storage & Online Drives [2021 Update]
IceDrive came out only last year and we liked it straight away, mainly thanks to it offering 10 gigabytes of space right off the bat ifs and but about it. Though we understand that services like pCloud and make you jump through a few hoops to maximize your free storage, we always appreciate when the service does away with all that and just gives you what you need.

Another thing we like is that free with IceDrive doesn’t mean cheap. For instance, its security is top-notch with high-level encryption and a zero-knowledge protocol in place. Zero-knowledge is only available on the paid plans for now.

It also has a great privacy policy, so no worries about being have snooped on or having your data sold on to the highest bidder. An even better example of this is the IceDrive interface, which looks sleek and modern. There was clearly no expense has spared here, and if we had a best-looking app award, IceDrive would be in the running.

2. pCloud

Best Free Cloud Storage & Online Drives [2021 Update]
So, pCloud is a cloud storage application founded in 2013 and it quickly grew to millions of users. In fact, within the first three years, they already had 3 million users. However, pCloud is unique amongst cloud storage because it has a robust music player. They actually set down and made the music player in a way that it rivals a dedicated media player. And this especially useful if you’re using the pCloud. Mobile application and you don’t want to take up space on your actual phone.

You can just access the PC cloud open up the app and start playing music from there. So, it a really good storage saver that gives you the tools to play music to your heart’s content. It also something has called PC cloud rewind now this allows you to recover data that you’ve actually have deleted in the past maybe you just had you actually need that file or maybe you decided you don’t want to clear out your music library.

3. Mega


The Mega myth we want we want to dispel is that it gives away lots of storage for free. It used to give 50 gigabytes but those days are long over it still gives away 50 but 35 of that dries up after just a month with the remaining 15 gigs trying good forever.

It’s still better than the 5 gigs offered. Most of the people are using Mega because your file that saves there then it very safe. Mega makes you pay $12 for just one making it as pricey as treasure it. Or Dropbox and mega also limit your overall transfer bandwidth this increase in price could be justifiable. If mega went above and beyond what other services offered.

4. WorkDrive


Zoho¬†WorkDrive is online file storage, sync, and collaboration platform for modern teams, small businesses, and large enterprises. It introduces Team Folders, which enables teams of any size to work all together safely like they’re right beside you. Besides, you get the Zoho Office Suite Editors and absolute access stats at the team mount and the team folder amount. WorkDrive takes complete safekeeping of your mobility needs with the Android and iOS mobile apps and the desktop sync application.

5. OneDrive


OneDrive supports more than 270 file types create a file on your PC or Mac and edit the same file on your laptop, tablet, and phone. No need to email it to yourself or save a copy to a thumb drive easily share files with others. With the OneDrive mobile app on your android, iOS, or Windows phone. So, with all your files in OneDrive securely store share and get to your file from anywhere at work at home, or on the go. If you want to use it then it is free for all user to download and install it.

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Bottom Line

It was all about Best Free Cloud Storage & Online Drives [2021 Update]. I hope this article is very helpful for you to free cloud storage. From this article, you will get something good about cloud storage. After following these steps I hope you will not face any kind of problem. So if you are faced with any kind of problem and if you have any suggestions then go down leave your comment.

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