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How To Recover Deleted Files In Linux 2020 [Beginner’s Guide]

Sometimes when you come to know that you have accidentally deleted your important files and it is not available in the trash. Most of the people get upset due to deleted files in Linux. Once it happens that you deleted your files in Linux intentionally with shift + delete or even removed from the Trash. Therefore, you need to recover the files with the original content. When you completely delete the files even from the structure directory. But it will still remain somewhere on your hard disk.

Fortunately, nowadays technology is in progress. Therefore, recovering the deleted files in Linux is not that much difficult as you think. Every operating system gives an opportunity to the user in order to recover them with some simple steps. From this guide, you will completely learn How To Recover Deleted Files In Linux 2020 [Beginner’s Guide].

Keep in mind that you can’t recover old files which you have deleted one month before. But you can still recover the recently deleted files. Linux is one of the most popular and powerful operating systems all over the world. There are no more difficulties in recovering the deleted file is Linux. If you have deleted the files in Linux then it probably still exists somewhere on your system It depends on the size of files which you lost but it might be recovered.

For the purpose of this article, to recover the deleted files in Linux by the help of Testdisk. It is a very good recovery tool for the Linux operating system. You have to remember that it can only recover the recently deleted files with some easy steps. Therefore, you need to follow and come through the below steps and guidance so that you should not face any sort of issue while recovering the deleted files in Linux 2020.

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How To Recover Deleted Files In Linux

Step 1. First of all, you need to download and install the Testdisk tool on your Linux system. Some of the Linux operating systems might have this tool in their official depository. However, you need to use the command below in order to install testdisk in UBunutu and Linux Mint.

sudo apt install testdisk

If you are using Arch Linux then you can install it from AUR. You can download it for other Linux distribution from the given link down below.

Download TestDisk

Step 2. After downloading TestDisk on your Linux system, you need to run TestDisk in the terminal with the help of the below command.


Step 3. Once it opens, you will see something new in the terminal. Nothing to do just use down arrow button and select Create a new log file and press Enter.

Create a new log file

Step 4. In this step, if you are lucky somehow, you might see your drive in that tool. So, select the second option. Then you need to select sudo and enter the password once down press enter button.


Step 5. Now, the Testdisk tool will display all your drives. Therefore, you need to select the drive which you want to recover the deleted file from your Linux system.

Step 6. You have select all the settings correct. Again you need to press Enter.

Step 7. On the next screen, you will have many options to go to. So, you need to select Advanced option and press Enter.

Recover Deleted Files In Linux

Step 8. From the bottom of the screen, make sure to select undelete.

Recover Deleted Files In Linux

Step 9. The tool will scan for the deleted files and produce a list in red highlight. So, arrow down to it and read the choices at the bottom.

Step 10. Tesdisk is a multi-function tool, most of the option deals with the group of files. Therefore, you need hit C to have the resume back.

Recover Deleted Files In Linux
Press C button

Final Thoughts

TestDisk is a powerful data recovery tool for Linux operating system. Therefore, we have entirely focused on How To Recover Deleted Files In Linux 2020 [Beginner’s Guide]. I hope you have gotten something from this guide. So, if you have faced any kind of problem while recovering deleted files in Linux then feel free to comment down below so that your problem should be solved as soon as possible. Comment your feedback and suggestion about this article


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  1. There is no Undelete option on viable partitions (home or other user accessed partition with personal files). There was Undelete option only on some Windows partition.

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