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How to Install Signal on Windows 10

The private messaging apps that lets users talk to co worker, family members, friend and group using to end to end encrepeted. This app has long been regarded a favroite by cybersecurity experts. The most recently, the tech Mogul Elon Musk, who bigged up signal over facebook meesanger and somehow caused a completly non-related company call signal advanced to have a huge surge in share. Signal messaging and some nice customzation settings you might find handy. From this article, you will learn How to Install Signal on Windows 10.

So, when you want to download a signal then its avibale on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Best of all the developers behind signal are nonprofit, and have no major ties wth any tech giantes. So, if you want to download the signal then its totally free for all users and no charges. And you’ll find this app has no ads or trackers either, which is pretty cool. You can use your personal data or WIFI to send text, voice messages, photos, vides, gifts, and files.

How to Install Signal on Windows 10

Step 1. Open your browser then go to the search bar after that type Signal.

Step 2. Now, when you search signal then click on the first result.

Step 3. Once the signal official website is open then click on the Get Signal.

How to Install Signal on Windows 10
Click on the Get Signal

Step 4. To download the signal just simply click on the Download for Windows.

How to Install Signal on Windows 10
Click on the Download for Windows

Step 5. When you click on the download for windows then click on the Start Download.

Click on the Start Download

Step 6. Once you click on the start download then wait for his downloading.

Step 7. So, once then downloading is done then click on the Open.

Click on the Open

Step 8. When you click on the open then you will reach the signal after that wait for installing.

How to Install Signal on Windows 10
Wait For Installing

Step 9. Now, open your signal on your mobile then scan it after that the signal will successfully open.

How to Install Signal on Windows 10
Scan it

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Bottom Line

It was all about How to Install Signal on Windows 10. I will find for you the easiest steps to download the signal. After following my steps you will successfully install the signal. I hope after reading this article you will get something about the signal. If you are facing any kind of problem then don’t hesitate to leave comments in the comment section down below.


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