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How To Become Keyboard Typing Master 2020 – Best Tricks

Hello, Freinds! In this article, I am to guide How To Become Keyboard Typing Master 2020 – Best Tricks. So if your typing is slow and newly want to be master of keyboard typing then not to worries I will guide to how to be typing master. Therefore, if you are a computer student, computer teacher, blogger, the writer then you have to become a keyboard typing master and you have to know about shortcuts keys of the keyboard if you don’t how to write fast and shortcuts keys then on that you will feel shy. No worries in today’s I will guide How To Become Keyboard Typing Master – Best Tricks.

Bad Habits while typing:

There are lots of people which they can not avoid their bad habits. You can be one of them which they are always busy to finds keys and waste their time which is because they are not using all fingers while typing. They are just using some fingers to type which is very hard to type fast. You have to focus on the screen of your pc and use your all fingers if you want to become a keyboard typing master.

How to use your Fingers in the keyboard:

You must know how to use your finger in the keyboard to become a typing master. So, you have to use 10 fingers as you all know some people are using some fingers due to this mistake they are not to become typing master. I will request you that to leave these habits from today start using 10 fingers in order to become a keyboard typing master.

How To Become Keyboard Typing Master - Best Tricks
the position of fingers in keyboard

Take a look at the picture. You have to make ready your thumbs for space while fast typing and other fingers it is shown in the picture. I hope you have realized that each finger do different tasks and it really helps to type fast if follow each step.

How To Become Keyboard Typing Master – Best Tricks

Important Keyboard Shortcuts:

You need to about some important shortcuts keyboard. So, I will tell the important shortcuts which will help you to work fast. Take a note with yourself in order to not forget or if you can remember then okay and believe me the shortcuts which I am going to share with you guys it will help you one day don’t take it easy.

Ctrl + F

This shortcut is used for the file option when you are in the current programs.

Ctrl + E

It is used for edit option in the current program.

Windows + D

This shortcut is used to minimize the program, for example, you have opened Google or any other program it will help you to minimize it fast.

How To Become Keyboard Typing Master – Best Tricks

Alt – F4

this is used for closing any opened program and it also used to shut down the computer.

Alt + Tab

It is used to switch one program to another program. like you have opened many programs and you want to switch to another program fast and easy.

Ctrl + shift + N

It will open for you incognito mode of Google Chrome.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

If you want to open a task manager then use this shortcut keys. It is mostly used when your software gets hanged and you want to manage it.

Fn+F12, Ctrl+S, and Ctrl+N

these shortcut keys are rarely used for MS Office like you want to save your current file then you can press Fn+F12 in laptop and only F12 in the computer, besides that, you can press Ctrl+S to save the current file with any name. and if you want to open a new blank file in MS Office then simply press Ctrl+N to open a new file.

So it was all about important shortcuts of the keyboard. I am using these this all right now to make work easier.

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How To Become Keyboard Typing Master – Best Tricks

You need to practice daily on your typing and I will give you the useful apps which will help in to become keyboard typing master. And there are many features to help you.

Typing Master:

This app is one of the best apps for becoming typing master beside that it will train how to start typing from basic. And skill typing test with that it will help how you to put your fingers in the keyboard. Download it from the download link below.

Typing master free download

How To Become Keyboard Typing Master – Best Tricks

Learn to type:

Learn typing is the best website for beginner learning. It will teach you the basic method and when you go through basic then you can start with advanced methods.

Learn typing download


Therefore, It was about How To Become Keyboard Typing Master – Best Tricks. And I hope you have got new tricks from my article practice daily with the typing software which I have mentioned above. 


Hi, I am Azzaz Sheikh a passionate blogger. I am a tech lover guy who spends most of the time trying new things in the world of Technology. I love to discover latest material related to Technology and loves to share with you guys.

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